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My New Years Resolution

I’m done. The goose is cooked. I’ve had enough and I ain’t gonna take no more.

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The eve before Christmas

Inspired by Clemente Moore and Donkey Cartel ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the mall Shoppers were hurrying, including the louse; The ammo clips were filled with bullets with care, In hopes that the other gang … Continue reading

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SCO – the anti TPP

A recent topic of conversation on the John Batchelor show is the warming relationship between Russia, Iran and China. The more NATO uses international trade and the US dollar as weapons, the more we drive the countries of the SCO … Continue reading

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Let the AM Translating begin!

The FCC announced the starting gun for AM Class C and D (small) AM stations to acquire an FM translator will fire at midnight on January 29th. There are a few rules – the existing FM translator has to be … Continue reading

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Non radio streams?

Triton Digital, and other major streaming providers offer non-radio streams like Dr Jae Christian These are not some 13 year old in Mom’s basement playing his record collection using shoutcast. Since Triton is involved, it’s pretty sure that the appropriate … Continue reading

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Holiday Season

Holiday Music Most stations had their final live shows of 2015 yesterday. If you hear someone climbing down your chimney, shoot first, ask questions later. You can never be too careful. Ho Ho Ho

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Tunein adds free NHL streaming January 1st No premium account required. If you can picture in your mind what checking against the boards, waving off icing, high sticking and putting the puck in the crease looks like, an audio only Hockey game could be for you! … Continue reading

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Lindsey Graham leaves the kiddie table

John McCain’s bestest buddy has finally gotten the clue that America has no interest in having the Senator from South Carolina be President. Using the Festivus holiday as cover, Lindsey Graham slipped out in the dead of night.

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All News WTOP topples CBS’s WNEW-FM

CBS radio has given up trying to compete with Hubbard Radio’s WTOP in the Washington DC market. When CBS acquired the FM station from Family Broadcasting at 107.9, that freed up the 99.1 frequency to become an all news station … Continue reading

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“I watch MSNBC, but don’t know Columbia from the Phillipines”

Radio show host Steve Harvey had a rough night. He was hosting the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood and announced the wrong winner. Donald Trump owned the pageant until September, when NBC forced him to sell … Continue reading

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