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My “almost home” in Chicago

Once my contract was up in Chicago, I had to decide if I would stay there or move somewhere else. As my apartment lease was running out, I looked at staying in the Chicago area, but not inside the city. … Continue reading

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Doug Limerick reaches the end of the rainbow

Doug Limerick, a long time morning radio personality for ABC Radio News has decided to retire. His trademark was finding a way to work word puns into every newscast.

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Rush Limbaugh: Let’s just elect Democrats Drudge slugged the story that Rush wants to disband the Republican Party, I’ve seen this movie before, too. For the next year, Rush will fuel dissent within the Republican Party, then about October 15, 2016 will announce there is … Continue reading

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“I watch CNN but don’t know Iraq from Iran”

Lyrics Pandora veered into country music. So many obvious things I could say.

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Jim Bohannon gets to sleep late

Jim Bohannon is ending his participation on America in the Morning tomorrow. He will continue to do the Larry King replacement show he inherited on Mutual Broadcasting -> Westwood One -> Cumulus Media. Dirk Vann just recently retired from doing … Continue reading

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Pandora’ing “fairness”

Yesterday was much more important to radio than the Fed interest rates. THe copyright royalty Board (CRB) made its decision what the fair amount to pay for playing music is over the Internet for the next 5 years. * Boring … Continue reading

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My encryption story

Told to me by an associate who I consider to be a credible source on things like this. For reasons I don’t recall, we started talking about encryption – probably as the Snowden leaks started flowing. He was working a … Continue reading

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Why the Fed monetary policy doesn’t matter

Here is a tree rather than trying to comprehend a forest. For this example, you and your money and your bank are the entire universe. You have $100 in your checking account. The bank has a $100 bill in the … Continue reading

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I told you so

FBI chief: San Bernardino shooters did not publicly promote jihad on social media

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Is Carpet Bombing from B-52s an act of terrorism?

That’s a rhetorical question. So is dropping nuclear weapons on a sovereign country. The military and most of the country learned from the Vietnam war that you can’t “carpet bomb” a country into submission. Indiscriminate bombing using gravity bombs has … Continue reading

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