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Yale defeats North Carolina

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

2% of streaming is done using Internet Exploder

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

December’s results are in. The trend to stream using mobile devices rolls on.

Triton Digital Report

Triton Digital is the biggest platform for radio streaming and has “instrumentation” for other streaming services. It isn’t measuring everything, but most of the big domestic streamers.

Streaming companies that still don’t offer native HTML5 streaming are going to fall out of the marketplace. Flash and Silverlight are dead, and rightly so.

Cumulus Media to undergo Transgender surgery

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

The New Cumulus is starting to emerge. The new CEO is not just an executive who happens to be a woman, but a woman on a mission to transform Cumulus into a female company. She just axed her male SVP of operations who has decades of experience in radio. There are rumors that the VP of programming is also on thin ice for making sexist remarks.

This is a sea change for an industry that largely viewed women as toys to have sex with in the storage room. It’s been a business dominated by men and testosterone, with an ample supply of recreational pharmaceuticals consumed by the on air talent.

Mary Berner “fixed” reader’s digest by pushing it through bankruptcy. What had been a thoughtful source of reading for people with limited time to search for and skim lengthy articles from books and magazines is now mostly a web site

The magazine is now total female oriented dreck like chicken wing recipes and how to cure dandruff. Don’t expect to read about the politics of the immigration situation or the future implications of falling oil prices – that crap men obsess about. We need more tips on how to make flowers last longer.

Her new management team is mostly women. Will Cumulus thrive by becoming the Delilah feel good network? Time will tell. I still own my stock. I’m in to the bitter end.

Surging sports interest

Sunday, January 24th, 2016

Those of you who care about such things will know that Charlotte NC is hosting an NFL playoff game today. It’s still 5 hours from game time, and uber is surging.


The super surge though will be when the game is over. People tend to arrive gradually, maybe getting a meal before the game, go window shopping, get to their seats early, etc. when the game is over, everyone leaves at once. That’s just about the time the temperature will hit 32°. Happy sliding!

One week until the FM translator for AM land rush

Sunday, January 24th, 2016

January 29th, 2016 is the starting date for small town (Class C and Class D) AM stations to apply for the once in a lifetime opportunity to move (acquire) an existing FM translator from up to 250 miles away.

This is part of the “saving AM radio” initiative. By allowing an AM station to have a 250 watt FM simulcast that can reach up to 10 or 15 miles, the AM station may become economically viable. Also, for pre 1986 AM stations that have to turn off the transmitter at sunset, they will have 24/7 coverage. The FM translator has a similar range for class C and D stations, so it isn’t hard to see this as a way to eventually ease the stations over to FM and tear down the AM towers and sell off the land

It is worth asking why the FCC just doesn’t issue brand new FX translator licenses rather than creating a windfall for religious broadcasters to sell off their unbuilt licenses for 30 pieces of silver.

Live365 Isn’t

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

The folks at Live365 used the performance royalty hike from $.14 per hundred songs to $.17 as the reason for firing their employees and ceasing operations. Live365 was never a major player in streaming. Most of its remaining clients were colleges and high schools that have different easier rules for calculation of streaming royalties.

According to This example, Live365 will cease operations on January 31, 2016

You’re in good hands with uber

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

The annual blizzard is today. 1/4″ of snow brings the city to a halt. Yesterday, school was called off, and the airport was closed for today. Not a problem. If you want streets plowed, move back to New Jersey.

I was curious what uber will do – the first time I looked, surge pricing was in effect. Since uber has insurance coverage for on duty drivers, and the probability of accidents is very high, here is what you get.


US Supreme Court to Talk Radio Network: Pay Savage

Monday, January 18th, 2016

The US Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal from the Roy Masters controlled Talk Radio Network. Michael Savage had tried to leave Talk Radio Network to join Westwood One, but Talk Radio Network tried to stop him claiming it had a right to match any offer Savage might get. An arbitrator ruled that The TRN offer was not as good as the Westwood One offer, and released Savage from his contract and awarded Savage close to a million dollars in attorney fees.

TRN appealed the binding arbitration. They lost. The US Supreme Court has declined to hear the appeal.

Because of the complicated financial relationship between Roy Masters, the Foundation for Human Understanding that owns TRN according to IRS filings, and a number of different corporations designed to financially insulate TRN, the chances of Savage ever seeing a cent are small. Savage also won the right to his show archives. That TRN will have to turn over unless mysteriously they were stored on Hillary’s email server and were wiped.

Getting unstuck in Candy Crush – tip #2

Sunday, January 17th, 2016

Are you stopped at a level for a week and just can’t get by?

There is a moderately easy way without spending money. You should be able to earn the equivalent of the giant bonus on the lucky wheel every day.

Ideally you would figure out why you are stuck rather than relying on a booster like a candy bomb. The mobile and desktop versions often work differently, with the mobile version being harder. If you sync the two devices using Facebook, you can go back and forth. A handful of levels are almost impossible on mobile, but easy on desktops.

The way to earn lots of free boosters is Sugar Drop levels. On the screen where you choose a level, those levels have a white band around them with a C


Each Sugar drop you create and collect advances you to earn bonus boosters. Getting 180 sugar drops will earn you 5 groups of boosters, typically 2 or 3 at a time. After you get the final group, there is an 8 hour cool down, so you can typically get 2 bunches of 5 groups a day.


Sugar drops are produced at the end of each turn IF you created a cascade. A cascade means after you created a match, the falling candies created a secondary match. This is a very important point. Cascades create bonus multipliers. On score based levels, you need cascades. On most levels, candies only go down. That means you should make most matches near the bottom.

A “good” level for getting lots of sugar drops has these characteristics:

  • 50 turns – you get at most one sugar drop per turn
  • Only 4 colors (no red or yellow candies)
  • No ticking candy bombs to end the level early
  • Few obstructions that block candies from cascading

Level 281 is the Perfect level. It is close to impossible to lose and 20 sugar drops is pretty easy


There are two basic ways to choose a level – if you have limited time, you may want to waste a life to use a level that has lots of sugar drops, but little chance of finishing. The other approach is to play every sugar drop level that has little chance of losing a life, but fewer drops. You can only play each sugar drop level once a day, so you can’t play the same level over and over.

My record is 38 sugar drops on level 1168. 7 is more typical – a good level gives you maybe 15.

It’s useful to have a list of good levels to work from. Here are the best levels out of the first 100:

Here is a list where I have gotten 10 or more sugar drops
126 (likely to lose a life)

Because skills vary, which levels are “easy” will vary from person to person, so you’ll want to build up a list that gives you the best results.

Happy crushing!

Let Watson rate your social acceptability

Saturday, January 16th, 2016

Let’s analyze the Rusty Hmphries story:


Pretty negative and tentative. Watson will now make me cheerful and confident.

Here is my new improved version

Last year, several related news stories were reported by reliable media sources.. USA Radio Network had been working hard to overcome significant challenges. USA Radio Network was rescued by a North Carolina based religious broadcaster who strived make the network a financial success. The network was later put under the care of a company that seeks opportunities in optimizing web clicks.

Rusty agreed to accept their generous opportunity to the new Vice President of programming. Rusty is doing it for the personal satisfaction of Empowering the global community. WCGO is an AM radio station in Evanston Illinois, a suburb North of Chicago. The station is working hard to improve its profitability. Last year, Milt Rosenburg found a safe sanctuary there after his productive career at WGN was coming to a conclusion. Milt was embraced as he left the Evanston station in November when the owners were unable to reward his efforts appropriately. The exciting programming on the station incorporates excellent Korean Christian social justice activism and glorious Assyrian music. Many people in Chicago will someday discover this treasure of a radio station.

The company Rusty is contributing his time to has arranged to lease the radio station (called an LMA in the jargon of the Radio Biz). VP of programming Rusty Humphries has hired his first on air talent – Rusty Humphries. His new show will be from 2-5 Central time (3-5 ET).

I look forward with anticipation to learn about a resumption of syndication. I’m confident Rusty will enjoy meeting the people of Chicago and equally confident that the Chinese residents of Evanston look forward to hearing Rusty praise Barack Obama’s vision of the future.

Sounds like a win win deal to me!

And my new score:


I think I just learned a valuable lesson.