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Yale defeats North Carolina

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2% of streaming is done using Internet Exploder

December’s results are in. The trend to stream using mobile devices rolls on. Triton Digital Report Triton Digital is the biggest platform for radio streaming and has “instrumentation” for other streaming services. It isn’t measuring everything, but most of the … Continue reading

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Cumulus Media to undergo Transgender surgery

The New Cumulus is starting to emerge. The new CEO is not just an executive who happens to be a woman, but a woman on a mission to transform Cumulus into a female company. She just axed her male SVP … Continue reading

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Surging sports interest

Those of you who care about such things will know that Charlotte NC is hosting an NFL playoff game today. It’s still 5 hours from game time, and uber is surging. The super surge though will be when the game … Continue reading

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One week until the FM translator for AM land rush

January 29th, 2016 is the starting date for small town (Class C and Class D) AM stations to apply for the once in a lifetime opportunity to move (acquire) an existing FM translator from up to 250 miles away. This … Continue reading

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Live365 Isn’t

The folks at Live365 used the performance royalty hike from $.14 per hundred songs to $.17 as the reason for firing their employees and ceasing operations. Live365 was never a major player in streaming. Most of its remaining clients were … Continue reading

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You’re in good hands with uber

The annual blizzard is today. 1/4″ of snow brings the city to a halt. Yesterday, school was called off, and the airport was closed for today. Not a problem. If you want streets plowed, move back to New Jersey. I … Continue reading

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US Supreme Court to Talk Radio Network: Pay Savage The US Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal from the Roy Masters controlled Talk Radio Network. Michael Savage had tried to leave Talk Radio Network to join Westwood One, but Talk Radio Network tried to stop him … Continue reading

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Getting unstuck in Candy Crush – tip #2

Are you stopped at a level for a week and just can’t get by? There is a moderately easy way without spending money. You should be able to earn the equivalent of the giant bonus on the lucky wheel every … Continue reading

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Let Watson rate your social acceptability Let’s analyze the Rusty Hmphries story: Pretty negative and tentative. Watson will now make me cheerful and confident. Here is my new improved version Last year, several related news stories were reported by reliable media sources.. USA Radio Network … Continue reading

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