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Rusty Humphries returns to “real” radio

Last year, there were a couple related news stories. USA Radio Network essentially died. It was bought by a NC based religious broadcaster who couldn’t make it work, and then was sold to a company that monetizes web clicks. Rusty … Continue reading

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The past couple weeks, I have used Uber in Charlotte (NC) and yesterday in Greensboro. I now see a very real possibility of getting rid of my automobile (less than 2000 miles on it last year). It seems like a … Continue reading

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The end of the road

It’s happened again. I’ve reached the final level in Candy Crush Saga. I’m thinking I should write a book called “How to beat Candy Crush without really trying”. What do you think of that idea?

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The Butt stops here

Outside the K&W cafeteria in Greensboro, NC. If people starting smoking again, wouldn’t the Overton window apply too?

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Le future

For a mere $14,500, the future of cars is here. The Smart Car ForTwo is waiting for you. This car was in the parking lot of a very large outdoor shopping mall. The Smart car is fighting against the mathematics … Continue reading

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IHeart’s big news next week

Yesterday’s news is that Clear Channel Outdoors (owned 90% by iHeart) has sold some outdoor billboards in the US for in excess of $400 million, and another similar deal may happen today. CCO owns a lot of tangible assets, which … Continue reading

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Lumosity whacked by FTC

Press Release Back in March 2014, I had tagged this as a problem Told you so It wasn’t just the lack of proof, but that the games seemed more designed to break down the way your brain maintains itself – … Continue reading

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The sky is falling!

While you were sleeping, George Soros declared the world’s financial system would implode today. This is the index futures – they trade before the markets open and generally indicate where prices are headed at 9:30 ET. The futures can also … Continue reading

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Gun Control from the trenches

Rowan County NC is a largely rural county on I-85 between Charlotte and Greensboro. It has a population of around 140,000 In NC, the County Sheriff is an elected position. Kevin Auten won reelected in 2014 with over 70% of … Continue reading

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Planned vacation

The week of January 11th, if you see nothing from me, don’t worry. I’m going to be on a secret mission working for the NSA down in Belize looking for war criminals. Or something like that. The system should just … Continue reading

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