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Gone but not forgotten

Today was Bill Bennett’s final weekday show. Mark Davis will do the Friday show and then Hugh Hewitt will attempt to drag himself into a studio by 6 AM to take over morning drive for Salem Radio. Back around 2004, … Continue reading

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NY Times weighs in on Cruz/Trump on talk radio For the NY Times, this is an amazingly objective fact based summary. Conservatives were not called names. It has a picture of Michael Savage in his studio (in 2007). They explain the situation with Limbaugh, Savage, Laura Ingraham, Glenn … Continue reading

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RNC Chairman: Candidates are auditioning for us – we choose

Wilwaukee Journal Sentinal Reince Priebus lays out the facts of life of the way he sees things from the top of the ivory tower. But in the end, no candidate can survive without the RNC. They’re not capable of survival … Continue reading

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The important polls are showing up…

California and Pennsylvania… Pennsylvania Republican delegates will be elected individually aligned with a candidate but are not legally bound to the candidate The most interesting poll (if it is confirmed) shows Sanders taking a +1 lead over Hillary nationally. The … Continue reading

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Bernie wins Utah by 80%, Idaho by 78%

Hillary got some ‘splaining to do… Sanders won in Idaho by 78% in a true caucus where people show up in a room and give speeches to convince the group who should be supported. Arizona went for Hillary but by … Continue reading

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Emerson College declares Dewey to defeat Truman!

If you have a child attending Emerson College in Boston, demand your money back. The New York primary poll seemed really wrong. In a very liberal state, they show Kasich only having 1% support in a state that wants nothing … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck’s fundamental misunderstanding of his religion

Mormons have no problem with Socialism. While Mormons are conservative on family issues and personal conduct (no booze, smoking, or even caffeine), the way they live – especially those of the polygamy branches – are about a community of large … Continue reading

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Cruz finds sunshine in Utah

Kasich, too… This morning’s new poll is for Utah, which votes Tuesday (along with Arizona) The prior Utah polls had huge undecideds and a small lead for Cruz, so I guess people are ready to choose sides. Utah Poll Cruz … Continue reading

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The Spanish Onion

Back in January, the Univsion Network bought “a large portion” of the legendary satirical web site that people frequently confused with real news. So now that our Mexican neighbors are in charge, has it influenced the comedy? Let’s … Continue reading

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Bad poll day for Republicans (except Trump)

We have the first national poll since Rubio dropped out. Rasmussen reports Trump 43% Cruz 28% Kasich 21% More stunning is the poll from New York State. Trump already had a big lead, but Trump 64% Cruz 12% Kasich 1% … Continue reading

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