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Marilu Henner ready to forget radio

Marilu Henner has had her shot at 15 minutes of syndicated radio fame. I can hear you saying “she had a radio show?” You’re most likely to remember seeing her as the female cab driver on Taxi, dealing with Latka, … Continue reading

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This is only a TEST!

If you see any reports of a magnitude 8.4 Earthquake in Venezuela, it’s part of a long planned communications test to see if the Gulf of Mexico and Carribeean islands (and Europe) are prepared to react to a Tsunami originating … Continue reading

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The Twelfth Amendment

When you’re driving, it’s important to watch the road ahead, not just the car in front of you. It’s looking more and more plausible that in 9 months everyone on TV will be an expert on the electoral college after … Continue reading

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The Truth Glenn Beck can’t handle

The NYTimes put together a little interactive graphic to see what the possible outcomes are, showing that Trump could win on the first ballot. They mostly reiterate what I’m seeing, which is California will decide this. Their math closely matches … Continue reading

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The Eyes have it

CBS Radio is in play. Now that Sumner Redstone is out of the picture at Viacom and CBS, rapid change may be in the air. Les Moonves runs CBS, and CBS radio is a division within CBS. CBS Radio is … Continue reading

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Beware the Ides of March

Results match up with the numbers already in the guesstimate – Kasich wins Ohio, Trump wins everything else. Rubio underperformed all the poll estimates. He has no chance to win any state (although he won Puerto Rico and DC). His … Continue reading

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3/4ths Vowel

Ohio, the state with 3 vowels is the key one tonight. Ohio is “winner take all”, but much closer to a tie than Florida. Kasich going “all in for amnesty” at the last minute may backfire. If Trump wins Ohio, … Continue reading

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PSA award

StreamingRadioGuide’s annual award for worst PSA advice goes to the Nebraska Department of Transportation. Among the advice they offer is to keep a white rag in your trunk to tie onto your car’s radio antenna in the event your car … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera: Donald Trump is the Real Deal

Donald Trump is the real deal Not quite sure it is an “endorsement” exactly…

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The guy running against John Boehner During my testing of WKRC, I bumped into a show on a major iHeart radio station in Cincinnati. It’s stuff you only hear on the Republic Radio network or tiny AM stations in Tennessee. There is a federal requirement … Continue reading

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