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“What you read on Zero Hedge is nonsense”

Admittedly, Bloomberg is not a neutral source For about the past month, Bloomberg’s acrimony to anything Trump has vanished. I’m not sure why. Westwood One is PRing today about Trump talking to Michael Savage at the conference of fake … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence

Hong Kong has a holiday where dragons are the focus of the holiday. I asked for Siri to find the date:

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Boehner: Sanders is “most honest politician in the race”

Stanford University talk Not that anyone cares what beaner thinks

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The Big Mo

Donald Trump is going to win all five primaries in New England with 60%+ of the Republican vote. He’s 20% ahead of Cruz in California, which means he’ll win most of the delegates there. Meghan McCain today announced she has … Continue reading

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Yolanda Adams vanishes

With no warning or explanation to listeners or affiliates, gospel singer Yolanda Adams has ended her syndicated show. Most of the affiliates were stations owned by Radio One, the black radio network The web page for the show redirects you … Continue reading

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Getting Labor Day back

MDA has officially killed the Labor Day telethon. As a young man, I realized the fraud while watching a show designed to convince me otherwise. David Hartman did a two hour special – my memory is it was an episode … Continue reading

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Muslims for Bernie

Al Jazeera editorial Al Jazeera, the Qatar funded Arab news service that Hillary Clinton described in 2011 as Real News Says Muslim Americans would vote for Bernie Sanders even if he wasn’t Jewish Everyone is on board now!

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Winner Take All

Winner Take All in the Republican primary means different things in each state. I’ve improved the estimates to make the spreadsheet more accurately reflect the rules. New Jersey is what people probably think Winner Take All (WTA) means. The person … Continue reading

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Pain in Ohio

In September 2015, President Obama announced the US government was ending its contract to operate an experimental Uranium enrichment plant in the United States, despite Congress fully funding the contract. Governor Kasich reaction to closure More details The facility is … Continue reading

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Losing the Loveline

Dr Drew Pinsky is putting down the penis pump, at least the syndicated one. According to Tom Taylor, he has been doing the show for Westwood One for free for several years. A few months ago, he started up a … Continue reading

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