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Would you pay $ to post comments on Newspaper web sites?

SolidOpinion debuts Michael Robertson is the creator of, which store copies of radio streams “in the cloud” for later playback. When I’m not testing stations or playing candy crush, I’m probably posting comments on newspaper web sites. My experience … Continue reading

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Kasich claims victory in Indiana

Washington Post coverage You might be thinking – but Indiana’s primary isn’t until May 3rd (2 weeks from now). On a par with Colorado, Indiana has screwed up. Because the national convention was pushed earlier to avoid the Olympics (America … Continue reading

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It’s official

With his devastating loss in New York, it is now mathematically impossible for Ted Cruz to win on the first ballot. It was an extremely improbable outcome even if you’re an optimist. As I’m headed to dream land, the 95 … Continue reading

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Potty Mouth Laura

Laura Ingraham losing it A syndicated host must trust their engineer and / or not screw with them, and under all circumstances you have to assume your microphone is on. Friday, Laura Ingraham’s headphones stopped working on the air. As … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia threatens United States with economic war

NY times If Congress orders the declassication of the 28 pages of the 9/11 report detailing Saudi Royal family members in the planning and funding of the attack on the World Trade Center, the Saudi government pledges to dump all … Continue reading

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Two Corinthians go to Five Guys

Or “Why Donald Trump cannot make America Great again” *** This afternoon, I pushed my tired body to Five guys at around 3:30 pm. I assume most people know Five Guys is a high end national burger chain, loosely similar … Continue reading

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Well, this was in the NY times, so maybe it was too essy. This could be amusing. (Click for clearer image) Microsoft’s new toy. No penis pics – the NSA is watching.

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Maryland confirmed “safe” for Democrats

Barack Obama won Maryland with 62% in 2012. Maryland is a mix of Federal employees and the urban poor in Baltimore. Reducing the size of government is not a message that gets you votes. As in most states outside of … Continue reading

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The Saudi Government was involved in planning 9/11 60 minutes The CIA is behind the Panama Papers, leaking selective names to target specific individuals. CNBC Who is behind Hillary?

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Is that an alligator in your pants?

[Written November 3, 2013] I’m not sure I agree with the conclusion that someone must have dumped it in the terminal. A tributary of the des Plaines river runs under the airport with large flood control retaining ponds nearby. … Continue reading

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