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Do Not Track, next chapter

For those who have been here a long time, a major reason for my reducing the website the first time was the threat of government intervention requiring websites to honor “do not track” settings. You have probably noticed many websites … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck booted from SiriusXM

CNN coverage Glenn’s program crossed over the line last week when guest Brad Thor sort of encouraged someone to maybe assassinate Donald Trump. It went far enough in the Glenn Beck “I’m not saying this, but” way – Glenn’s slimy … Continue reading

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Hillary for Prison 2016

If you are still demanding President Obama’s birth certificate, there is a good chance you are still hoping Hillary will be indicted and thrown out of the Presidential race. It won’t happen. Get over it. Today’s Rasmussen Poll asks Should … Continue reading

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Forget “Audit the Fed”

Let’s audit the US Treasury Department Bloomberg Story Not only was the US Treasury refusing to disclose Saudi purchases of US Treasuries, they were actively concealing those purchases The reality is that in 2016, wealth is created from thin air … Continue reading

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News / Talk realignment

Around 80% of visitors here are looking for political talk, and around 1,000 radio stations are 24 hour a day political talk. To focus on those stations, I’ve put them in their own category. I’ve included NPR’s Ideas Network (or … Continue reading

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Even after losing all my boosters…

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Libertarian Party update

Cc let me know that Larry Elder was the moderator of the Libertarian Presidential debate at their convention. REASON magazine is covering the convention of course Ron Paul appeared on the Alex Jones on Friday – Ron Paul was … Continue reading

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Marimba jobs Americans just won’t do

Shimon the Marimba bot Working to make Jazz great again NPR has 24×7 music channels called All Songs Considered heating up the annoyance with your local NPR affiliate, competing for the ear space of Public radio listeners Your New Robot … Continue reading

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Less random randomness

One of the little known functions of the web site is the ability to have a random stream selected to play when you aren’t sure what to listen to. Click me! Up until now, the options to narrow what you … Continue reading

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Bill Bennett in retirement

For those who miss Bill Bennett, as promised he continues to do a weekend interview show. Bill Bennett Interviews They are not live – without callers and are available on demand from his website. Some Salem stations may carry the … Continue reading

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