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Is Rasmussen fibbing?

Today is poll day apparently – being the end of the quarter. In the national race, Rasmussen shows Trump +4 over Hillary. They didn’t include Gary Johnson (Libertarian) or the Green Party. While nobody realistically expects Johnson to win, you … Continue reading

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The latest “active shooter mass killing”

Denver was abuzz yesterday. The original story was a guy had entered the Alliance Center, located across the street from Union Station in downtown. The alliance center is a progressive office building housing a number of different environmental and social … Continue reading

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A small victory

I’ll take them where I can get one… People who have been here a while know my opposition to HFCS in sodas is close to a religious issue. Back when I went to the Bi-Lo supermarket near me, I made … Continue reading

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Where are they today? Ed Schultz

This is old news, but former Progressive radio host and MSNBC host Ed Shultz has a job much better suited to his skills. He currently does a TV show for RT (Russia Today) educating America and the English Speaking world … Continue reading

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Toilet Paper in Haiti

The Miami Herald extols the success of a woman in Haiti running a thriving business making toilet paper to improve hygiene in Haiti. This shockingly is being funded ($200k) by the US Agency for International Devlopment (USAID). The government … Continue reading

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Radio Uber

So when people ride using Uber, what happens with the “radio”? What are the rules? For about the past 3 years, I don’t even turn on the radio in my own car, so when riding Uber, asking the driver to … Continue reading

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FCC Spectrum Auction Update

The Reverse Auction – where TV stations bid their offer downward – of what it will take for them to turn in their license – should finish on Wednesday Once the price of the 100 MHz of spectrum nationwide … Continue reading

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China makes its move

China has a problem. It has money with nowhere to invest it. Increasingly, it sees the United States as an enemy. China officially launched the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank this weekend. The AIIB is roughly similar to the World … Continue reading

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Missing the message

A guest in John Batchelor was a classic case of “projection”, where you inject your own opinions onto other people, believing they share your motivations. The guest said multiple times that the motivation of the people who voted for Brexit … Continue reading

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75 year old George Will has quit the GOP over Donald Trump winning. It’s baseball season, after all.

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