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Hair Today, gone tomorrow Any idea who the woman with the short hair is?

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A $billion thanks from Charlotte

The former Mayor of Charlotte Anthony Foxx (no relation to Vicente Fox or Redd Foxx) is currently the Secretary of the Department of Transportation. Under his careful stewardship, a year ago the Gold Line Streetcar was brought to life. The … Continue reading

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How will President Trump govern?

Unless he “rules” by executive order, any change he wants to make to laws will require 50 supporters in the Senate (60 if someone wants to filibuster). 54 Senators are currently Republicans, but 24 are up for reelection in 2016. … Continue reading

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Dive N, or welcome to Pineville, NC

Dive N will not be mistaken for a Charlotte Restaurant. Nobody here cares about their BMI, FICO™ score, or cholesterol level. It has a Pokégym which is why I took the time to read their menu online. They serve livermush … Continue reading

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Hillary is the nominee – now what?

So let’s say the unthinkable happens and she wins and takes office in January 2017. Where does Bill Clinton fit in? The cutesy notion of “co-President” when Bill was President is a work of fiction with no legal significance. If … Continue reading

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Jerry Doyle dead at 60 Doyle was found nonresponsive in his home in Vegas. Doyle has had health challenges through the years, in addition to the pressure of being the host still working for Talk Radio Network. Doyle considered himself more of a libertarian … Continue reading

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Be very scared!

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NY Times: how to fry chicken Southern style

how-to-make-fried-chicken Targeted content or the end times?

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DNC Convention Day 1

The best battle plan rarely survives first contact with the enemy The Convention will be gaveled to order at 4 PM Eastern Time. That start time was pushed back because of the need for unexpected meetings. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has … Continue reading

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Gentrification Pain Points We need more safe spaces

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