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Today, Donald Trump puts it all on the line

Donald Trump, with Rudy Giuliani and Jeff Sessions at his side, is meeting with the President of Mexico today, and returns to Phoenix tonight to give his speech on immigration. Over the weekend, President Nieto invited both Trump and Hillary … Continue reading

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Why Democrats outnumber Republicans 12:1 as college professors

Denial is not just a river in Egypt The essence of his argument is that 43% of Republicans don’t believe in evolution, therefore all are unqualified to be professors. He is in charge of recruiting at UNC’s medical school. Things … Continue reading

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Dr Joy Browne dead at age 71

Radio Psychologist Joy Browne left her body on Saturday, according to her sister. Radio Ink Story Dr Browne was the polar opposite of Dr Laura.   Joy Browne embraced that all women are victims, that the caller was always telling … Continue reading

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Donald Trump invades Mexico today

Over the weekend, Donald Trump decided he would visit Mexico today (Wednesday) to discuss the future of relations between the United States and Mexico.  This could be the day that makes or breaks the Trump campaign. There is significant risk … Continue reading

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A few ratings tidbits

For the most part, I ignore radio ratings from month to month as I don’t trust them and think Arbitron (now Nielsen) bears a significant part of the responsibility of the decline of radio, getting people in radio chasing the … Continue reading

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A walk in the park

At the crack of dawn (7 AM), I hopped in my car to see what a real commute would be like if someone in Uptown was foolish enough to hire me to patch COBOL programs. Admittedly, it is the week … Continue reading

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A-10 warthogs buzz downtown Charlotte

Charlotte Observer Coverage Just wait until Alex Jones hears about this…

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A different Hillary e-mail question

Set aside for the moment the issue of classified emails on an unsecure server… What does the sheer volume of email say about Hillary’s management style? Email is a great time waster, especially if you are on a mobile device … Continue reading

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Walmart – Barack Obama’s ally

That’s the opinion over at Bloomberg… Obama loves Walmart The Clinton ties with Walmart go back to the earliest days when Sam Walton ran the company and made a point of buying from American suppliers. That was then and this … Continue reading

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The Return of Radio Disney

Back at the height of the radio bidding wars in the 1990s, Disney made an ill advised decision.    They decided to buy up AM stations in major markets to carry their bubble gum pre teen music, written by soulless … Continue reading

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