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“Up”town Charlotte is the mother lode of pokéness Each blue dot is a pokéstop where you pick up supplies, each red dot is a Pokégym where the three factions battle for “control” of the gym for somewhat dubious benefits.  It … Continue reading

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My Cheetos are genetically modified

Frito Lay has been made a target by the GMO free lobby. Most corn growing states being solid Republican has absolutely nothing to do with this campaign. Vermont started the demand for GMO labeling and Congress just passed a law … Continue reading

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Parrott as new web site owner?

Over in the poll section, Parrott nominated himself to be the new maintainer of this web site when the inevitable happens. I’m overdue to see a lawyer to write down my wishes for the trustee of my revocable trust if … Continue reading

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Saving Class A/B AM radio

The floodgates opened for Class A and B AM stations (really big stations) to add an FM translator by moving an existing FM translator up to 250 miles. The problem is the large AM stations tend to be in big … Continue reading

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Recent FCC Applications

[Written May 2012] The FCC web site is a bit hostile to gather information about the things people have applied for (and sl0w). Maybe a year ago, I started pulling a nightly data dump from the FCC and see what … Continue reading

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Obamacare and Equity Funding (1973)

[Written November 2013] Back when I was studying accounting, the Equity Funding scandal was fresh – but the lessons learned from it need to be told to the Obamacare brain trust. The scam involved creating fake life insurance policies that … Continue reading

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FDR takes office January 20, 1945

Prior to the election of 1944, leaders of the Democratic Party knew that FDR was near death. He had high blood pressure, heart artery blockage and congestive heart failure, on top of polio confining him to a wheelchair. Henry Wallace, … Continue reading

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High unemployment saves lives!

So says Bloomberg That explains President Obama’s approval rating, for sure.

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Bloomberg goes after Steve Deace

Bloomberg story Michael Bloomberg and his empire are about as hardcore #nevertrump as you can get. Late night religious Conservative talk show host Steve Deace is also. Since they’re both on the same team, why did Bloomberg decide to make … Continue reading

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The politics of oil

The perpetual war party is itching for a reason to provoke war with Iran. The thing on Drudge at the moment is 4 Iranian patrol boats “actimg unprofessional” around an American warship. This is not 1973. Shutting down the straits … Continue reading

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