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Just when you thought the world would end…

We have a new candidate for how – nuclear war between Pakistan and India. The Sun Kashmir is a god awful hellhole. It is disputed territory in between India and Pakistan, keeping in mind that before 1947, Pakistan was part … Continue reading

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Hoboken – Accident or Revenge?

By now, you probably have heard there has been a major train crash in the Hoboken NJ commuter rail station. It is basically a transfer station between New Jersey Transit and PATH, the subway system that carries commuters to the … Continue reading

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Who really runs the Internet?

Congress officially voted today and failed to block turning over control of the IANA. The organization that “runs” the Internet is not the US Government or the United Nations – it is The Internet Society. Prior to 1992, what we … Continue reading

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The final gathering of the Woodstock Generation

Desert Trip (NY times) On October 7th and the following weekend, the aging giants of Rock and Roll will be gathering at the Coachella Valley venue in Indio California for a once in a lifetime concert called Desert Trip. Unlike … Continue reading

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Why Rush’s Internet email address now ends in .us

In the beginning was ARPA. Not looking forward to what the internet would become, several high level groups of internet names (generic Top Level Domains) were created – .com, .mil, .net, .org, .edu under the myopic perspective that the Internet … Continue reading

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Oil in perspective

Saudi Arabia changed course today. Possibly in response to the United States playing hardball on 9/11, the Saudis agreed in principle to stop producing oil as fast as they can. OPEC agreed in principle to shrink production 750,000 barrels a … Continue reading

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If you have a crazy relative…

The guys at Reason magazine (the Libertarians) have consistently suggested that if you are having problems with a person you love, the last option to consider is to call 911 to “get them help”. Man shot dead in San Diego … Continue reading

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Michael Savage put in “timeout”

Breitbart There was no mention of this in any of the Radio industry news sources, except this one from Radio Ink, which is reporting the story after Breitbart broke the story. The only reason I found out was listening to … Continue reading

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The world ends today at 2:20 PM ET

Be sure to have a radio or TV turned on.

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Cod Collapse cartoon

Cod used to be the top of the fish food chain, although large mammals eat them (Seals, whales, humans) Cod essentially live and grow without stopping. During their early life as tiny fish, they fall to other bigger fish, including … Continue reading

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