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TV auction update

The FCC’s decision to be middleman between TV stations willing to surrender licenses and wireless companies willing to buy them is going horribly. The basic process is the FCC set a target of how many TV channels to eliminate nationwide, … Continue reading

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Science and the Filet O’Fish

A few weeks ago, I presented some information about the collapse of the Atlantic Cod fishery – was it real or just a political argument between the US and Canada? The “it’s real” narrative is the collapse was caused by … Continue reading

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North Carolina politics in two pictures

North Carolina may well be the “2000 Florida” of the 2016 election, being very close and being the state that decides the electoral college From 2012 statewide results for Obama vs Romney by county Mecklenburg County by precinct

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Trump has Big Mo

About 20% of Americans want to vote for whoever they think is going to win, without much more thought. Today’s group of polls have Trump taking the lead in the electoral vote estimate for the first time. Needing 270 to … Continue reading

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Last minute indictments are unprecedented?

Orly? Hopefully the EIB memory division remembers.

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Make America something again

So I was at Jack in the Box trying out the new Homestyle fried potatoes✅. Last time I was there cars on Pineville Matthews Road were honking their horns as they went by. There is a private school across the … Continue reading

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Yoko Ono & Hillary were lovers?

You probably heard that back In May or the rebound in October The story appeared Here, at World News Daily Report Even a cursory look at the news page makes it obvious this is a fake news site similar to … Continue reading

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Never too early to vote…

Today was my first experience with “early” voting – I have always voted in person on Election Day. Those who have been here way too long may remember that into 2012, the city of Chicago threw my vote away (probably). … Continue reading

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Watching the watchers

It is still two weeks from the election and the library is surrounded by poll “volunteers”, filling up parking spaces that could better be used for playing Pokémon. So first impressions, who do you think organized this group of people? … Continue reading

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Muddled music thinking

The best mix of all the hits! Choose one. Another station in Elmira New York describes itself as “offers a Adult Standards format, playing mostly Adult Contemporary music.” Yes, Ella Fitzgerald is “Contemporary” all right

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