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Coming in December – CRTV

Just in time to start the countdown until Hillary is unelected in 2020, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin and NAFTA immigrant Mark Steyn join forces on CRTV, a video pay TV channel for right minded Conservatives. Announcement Pre-orders are available for … Continue reading

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New station format – Non-Christian religious

Streaming radio guide is a living document, so it must adapt with the times. Given the impending immigration of large numbers of Muslims and assorted others, the number of religious radio stations that are not Christian is likely to grow. … Continue reading

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The Fruit from the tree of LPFM

Congress authorized the FCC about 15 Years ago to hand out Low Power FM non-commercial licenses with a maximum power of 100 watts. The FCC dragged their tail, stalling for 10 years to give others a chance to jump in … Continue reading

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Poll magic

Most of you probably have never seen this, but So imagine it is 3 AM and you visit and are shocked to see that poll – what kind of sneaky spy technique allowed me to find out you are awake … Continue reading

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Death in Cameroon

Back in the 1880s, Germany made their attempt to colonize Central Africa. In order to get inland, they constructed railroads in the early 1900s. After Germany lost World War One, Cameroon was taken over by the French and English, who … Continue reading

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Pre-Early Voting

Early Voting began on October 20th – for Mecklenburg County, that means 10 polling places are open. This is the first Saturday of early voting – not a surprise that it is busy at 9 AMish. Given my lack of … Continue reading

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Red Dawn Rising

Red sky in mornings means what? I can never remember

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Lot Lizards

One of the ways I have avoided Trump overload is watching YouTube videos of Indiana Jack Some of the details I have gathered is he lives in Phoenix Arizona and is an owner operator working with Knight trucking. He drives … Continue reading

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DNS for Dummies

You probably heard that there was an outage on Friday that affected some high profile websites. This comes hot on the heels of John Kerry’s threat to start a cyberwar with Russia with devestating effect. Today’s attack was done by … Continue reading

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Apple to remove security tethers from its stores

If you have ever visited an Apple Store, you know that putting the devices in the hands of potential customers is a key part of their sales strategy. The devices have a cable that secures it to the desktop, so … Continue reading

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