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Quinn without Rose News

WAVL-AM in Apollo, Pennsylvania has changed hands – the station was originally owned by a church, which might have been a problem. It was sold to Colonial Radio Group, the owner of WVTT-FM, another affiliate of Quinn’s show, despite Quinn … Continue reading

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Lock her up? Hillary for Prison?

Not so fast Donald Trump doesn’t believe you care

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College Kidz

An important way to spot format changes or a suspended account is to look for a change in the title of the home page on a web site. WRCT-FM in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is the student radio station of Carnegie Mellon … Continue reading

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Elevator Cam

Missing are the signs over each elevator “Republicans”, “Democrats” and “Independents” The actual live feed

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How much do radio ads cost?

Federal rules require radio stations to sell political ads to all qualified candidates for the 60 days prior to an election at the “lowest published rate”, which is probably fiction, but here is a sample rate card KTXX-FM covers … Continue reading

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Welcome the online FCC Public Inspection File

The FCC requires all full license AM and FM stations to maintain a “public inspection file” at the “main studio” for anyone to visit without prior arrangements. The content of this file has included complaint letters from crackpots, program lists, … Continue reading

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Having faced fierce opposition from franchisees over the wildly successful all day breakfast, McDonald’s has just made another demand, which may push ALL franchisees over the edge. Sometime soon, the McDonald’s near you will have a self ordering kiosk. Kiosks … Continue reading

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Who is Ari Emmanuel and why is Trump meeting him?

Ari Emmanuel is from Chicago and currently is co-CEO of the Robert Morris talent agency, and owns the UFC, which he acquired this summer for $4 billion. UFC is a sporting tournament of Mixed Martial Arts that combines boxing and … Continue reading

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Krishna, Krishna, Hare Krishna

You would be right if you detect a theme today. The next exhibit is KHQN-AM, one of the more curious radio stations in the collection. It is a 1,000 watt class D (tiny) AM station located in Spanish Forks, Utah, … Continue reading

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Polka Music in Texas

Another AM station that died and apparently came back to life recently in Gonzales, Texas. Gonzales is east of San Antonio. Demise of KCTI It’s not as odd as it sounds, since accordions are a key part of Northern Mexican … Continue reading

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