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For your poll image selection

If you upload an image, the montage should automatically update

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Meet Bruce Fein Alex Jones had on this guest on Friday. He talked about a lot of things and would be a great talk show host. He sounded like a really young guy, but he is 69 years old. He sounds like … Continue reading

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Who was Yves Chandelon?

One of the tidbits Alex Jones has been talking about vaguely is the murder of a NATO auditor in Belgium. The reports seem to be bouncing around the right wing echosphere, but invisible on the “just the truth” media The … Continue reading

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Meet Mary Mason

In 2001, a Mary Mason applied for an LPFM license in Mount Airy (Mayberry) North Carolina. I can’t find any real evidence of a Mary Mason in Mount Airy North Carolina. While Construction Permits were issued, there is not much … Continue reading

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Geography Quiz

Which metro area does Harrisonburg Virginia belong to? +—————————————–+ | MetroArea | +—————————————–+ | Charlottesville, VA | | Fredericksburg, VA | | Harrisonburg, VA | | Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News, VA | | Richmond, VA | | Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA | | … Continue reading

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The Department of Truth is not taking over the FCC

Alex Jones has no problem just making stuff up. When he doesn’t understand something, he just creates a theory, then starts embellishing and repeating it. The “Department of Truth” Amendment that Congress just passed and President Obama just signed reorganizes … Continue reading

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Meet Jerome Friemel

One of the benefits of improving research tools is seeing dots to connect. FCC ownership reports require owners to disclose where they hold interests in more than one station to confirm they aren’t violating the per-market license limits. There is … Continue reading

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The death of WLNO-AM

The best place to put an AM transmitter is in a swamp. It is also the worst. WLNO-AM is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. To put out its 50,000 watt daytime, 5,000 nighttime signal required 7 antenna towers. Here is … Continue reading

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Nashville City Schools declare schools to be “safe zones”

Meaning “Sanctuary” areas where enforcement of immigration laws will be banned Found here Not so pretty, after all

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So sorry, I forgot to renew my licenses…

Jose Garcia holds the licenses for three AM radio stations in Texas. He failed to file his license renewals in 2013. The FCC informed him the licenses had expired and he needed to turn off the transmitter power. He filed … Continue reading

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