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So you want to be a railroad engineer?

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Muhammad Ali Jr

The bait The reality

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Trump listens to CEOs

Lack of trained workers is the problem Trump met with 20 of the country’s most important manufacturing CEOs to listen to their opinions, not tell them what to do. One of the themes is that the American education system is … Continue reading

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Donald Trump to speak at CPAC today

Despite what Michael Savage says, the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) IS the voice that represents the Conservative Movement in the United States. Donald Trump is speaking to them at 10 AM ET on Friday. John McCain was booed … Continue reading

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Alan Colmes dead at age 66 Alan Colmes was married to the sister of Monica Crowley

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¿Et tu Juan?

The globalists have obviously issued the “go order” to remove Donald Trump as President. John McCain has not been “on board” the Trump Train for even a nanosecond, just biding his time until the opening presented itself. The strongest evidence … Continue reading

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How to piss off an ABC TV station

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CFL Recycling Day!

Not wanting to be subjected to the hazmat suit process that Glenn Beck got when he “broke” a CFL bulb, I decided to be a responsible citizen and return my burnt out CFL bulbs so the environment would not be … Continue reading

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Post Valentine day afterglow

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Raymond W Smith

About a week ago, I ordered a book called Dormont to read with a friend. I grew up in a borough of Alleghany County, Pennsylvania named Dormont. It is in the South Hills and was about 1 square mile in … Continue reading

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