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April is here already

No fooling

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Sabado Gigante

The other night, I happened to mention the Spanish language TV show “Sabado Gigante”. You don’t have to understand Spanish to see the energy of spontaneous live TV. The host of the show recently retired after doing the show for … Continue reading

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Judicial Watch invades Univision

ICE is coming! Run for your lives!

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The EU military that doesn’t exist

One of the navy ships in the video

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I-85 collapse in Atlanta

Fire of undetermined cause started around 6 PM and within two hours northbound bridge collapsed. Note the proximity of the MARTA subway yard

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North Carolina repeals HB2, nobody happy Democratic governor Cooper has signed a law repealing HB2, and also rolling back the Charlotte ordinance that triggered the passage of HB2. Recognizing he has to give Republican legislators what they want, the repeal goes further than what Democrats … Continue reading

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Congress repeals “internet privacy” protections

Washington Post The FCC is not part of the executive branch – it is an independent commission that is accountable to Congress. The only authority the FCC has is to do those things delegated to it by Congress by law … Continue reading

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Westinghouse Electric files for bankruptcy

Fortune Magazine This is the Pittsburgh based subsidiary that builds equipment for nuclear power plants, that was acquired by the troubled company that was rocked by an accounting scandle in 2015. Part of what is hurting Westinghouse is that fracking … Continue reading

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NC returns to partisan election of judges Governor Cooper cannot stop anything the Repblican NC Legislature wants to pass. The first veto override just happened. Judges will now potentially have to run in a primary, and then run in the general election with a party ID. … Continue reading

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Jing Jin Ji

China’s new megalopolis (NBC News) While the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines suffered through years of politically motivated delays, China is moving forward with a clear plan to turn China and its 1.4 billion people into the world’s largest … Continue reading

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