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Can Trump defeat MS-13?

Attorney General Sessions has made it clear the US government is targeting MS-13, a drug gang with ruthless behavior that is so bad that local police departments are intimidated by them. MS-13 was originally founded in Los Angeles by immigrants … Continue reading

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Suzy Orman update

I haven’t been paying much attention to this, but I’m also not surprised. Loading money onto a prepaid debit card makes you an unsecured creditor.

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Trump Tycoon, the game

TRUMP TYCOON: Donald’s Capitalist Pocket Adventure by Dario Pavan in Apple App Store I stumbled on this little app and found it mildly amusing. It was written before the election and hits every stereotypical slam against Donald Trump, but it … Continue reading

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Berkley update

Be very scared

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HFCS Conclusions HFCS-containing beverages are associated with the development of NAFLD [Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease] by hepatic DNL [de novo lipogenesis]. Epidemiological studies linked HFCS consumption to the severity of fibrosis in patients with NAFLD, too. Recently, animal studies showed … Continue reading

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ESPN to fire 100

The Score Card Despite the popularity of the NFL Draft this week in Philadelphia, there is trouble at the Extra Sporktacular Programming Network. Some people believe the reason is broadcast hosts have been on a nonstop political diatribe against Republicans, … Continue reading

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China launches domestically built aircraft carrier

NY Times The Chinese are better at copying technology than creating it. The Chinese Navy currently has a second hand aircraft carrier that was built by the Soviet Union during the final years in the late 1980s. It is not … Continue reading

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Fun with cigars

This poster in my urologist’s office needs an update. They need to add a rainbow color cigar that says “it is not a they”

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SNAP fraud in the furniture city

Two women have been arrested after the Food Stamp police discovered the women were buying the food for their restaurant using 21 food stamp (SNAP) cards that were not in their names. The card numbers and PIN numbers were written … Continue reading

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“Going concern” warning expected for IheartMedia

Marketwatch Story In the accounting business, one of the obligations of auditors is to evaluate whether the business has the resources and income to sustain itself as a business in the future. When the auditor feels the obligation to issue … Continue reading

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