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Taffy Nivert

One of the perks of Amazon Prime is Amazon Music, an on demand music service that allows you to download and play music from a smallish library (around two million tracks). Now that I can hear music better, time to … Continue reading

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One of the news accounts about the conclusion of the guy from Cleveland who killed a random old man live on Facebook mentioned a police officer had disabled the vehicle with a successful PIT maneuver, something I was not familiar … Continue reading

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Russia sending military to North Korea border Yes, Russia does have a (small) border with North Korea. Russia controls the Pacific coast to a bit south of Vladivostok, the terminus of the Trans Siberian railway, and home of russia’s Pacific fleet. The border between the countries … Continue reading

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The road to serfdom

When Hugo Chavez took over the oil business in Venezuela in 1998, government looters took the computers containing the geological data and production plans to sell the PCs. Since then, the oild fields have rapidly depleted due to mismanagement of … Continue reading

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O’Reilly out at Fox? That would be pretty foolish. O’Reilly could do enormous damage to the News Corp empire with his knowledge from the inside. Bill O’Reilly has a face for radio, if he ever decides to return.

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Fake News 101

The Countess and I were reviewing today’s news events when I spotted this story from the Los Angeles Times Carrier strike group wasn’t headed to Korean peninsula despite Trump administration claims The premise of their opinion is that President Trump … Continue reading

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Amazon randomness

Amazon had an aha! moment somewhere during the evolution to what it is today, which this video explains quite well. It runs contrary to conventional thinking about warehouse organization, because Amazon uses computers and barcodes extensively. When Amazon receives a … Continue reading

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How I saved $200 using YouTube

So when Countess was here, much to my dismay I learned the power window on the passenger door(s) of my 2001 model car would not operate. I, as the master of my domain, could lower and raise the windows, but … Continue reading

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The Origin of Common Core Math

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Panic in Penn Station People are jumpy.

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