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Norfolk Southern on Positive Train Control

This is what happens when Congress decides it knows more than the industry who do the work. Amtrak trains on the NorthEast Corridor have nothing in common with Lumber trains from the Pacific Northwest traveling 3000 miles through the middle … Continue reading

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Informed Delivery

Back in 2001, a 94 year old woman died after being exposed to weaponized anthrax. At the time, the government let out a little secret if you carefully read the accounts. Investigators discovered that the letter to the woman … Continue reading

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King of Hearts ❤️

Yesterday was a watershed day – for those who have been here a while (back to 2009 or earlier), I’ve struggled with the perception of doctors and the public (in general) that a man who weighs 260 pounds is a … Continue reading

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Patrick Cannon to get radio show in Charlotte

The disgraced former mayor of Charlotte, Patrick Cannon will be hosting a weekend radio show on one of Radio One’s stations. WBTV TV coverage He was recently released from Federal Prison where he was incarcerated for soliciting bribes from Las … Continue reading

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WCHB-AM in Detroit Sold

WCHB-AM (1200 kHz) is an urban talk station owned by Radio One, the national radio owner focused on serving the black community. Mildrid Gaddis is a long time radio personality and activist in the Detroit Area – she will move … Continue reading

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13 feet of global warming

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The Legacy of Linus Pauling

The Vitamin Myth: Why We Think We Need Supplements “What few people realize, however, is that their fascination with vitamins can be traced back to one man. A man who was so spectacularly right that he won two Nobel Prizes … Continue reading

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Before and after *updated* Pentagon Proof: Note the indicator of North is opposite in the two pictures. Aligning the images close to the same orientation – they are clearly not of the same location. And clearly the picture of the guy at the … Continue reading

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My new career

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Elmwood cemetery is the old downtown final resting place in Charlotte. Back in the day, black people were buried in the adjacent Pinewood cemetery, separated by a fence and with a separate entrance. Charlotte history

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