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Get your nose on

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Fresh Goat Brains

Available at the Jafa Market in Pineville. A free Qoran is avsolable on the way out.

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Get prepared for ATSC 3.0 It isn’t going to show up tomorrow, but consensus is arriving on how digital TV will change in the future to adopt to the changes in how programming is delivered. TV since the early days (1941) up until the … Continue reading

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The Urge to Merge

A media merger that has been speculated about since the NAB convention has happened.   TV companies that got cash windfall from the spectrum auction are in a buying mood. One such company is Sinclair Broadcast Group. Sinclair owns around … Continue reading

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Becoming a real man

Men don’t admit weaknesses. Until today, I have never been asked to open a bottle of wine (for cooking of course!).  This is a week of firsts.  After a false start, I was able to complete my manly task. You’ve … Continue reading

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The man who murdered two doctors in Boston

West African immigrant Bampumim Teixeira: The two doctors were found dead in their secure penthouse with their hands bound and throats slashed, as Mr Teixeira was leaving their building with a gun – which he fired at police responding … Continue reading

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My Dinner with Kielbasa

The wife and I finished unloading the dowry into the castle, and celebrated with dinner out. Yesterday, I noticed an interesting possibility – the unpretentious Babushka Pierogi European restaurant in Pineville North Carolina. The King had Hungarian goulash with mashed … Continue reading

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Joe & Mika are engaged

‘Tis the season for marriage now that Donald Trump has made it socially acceptable for men and women to love each other. Trump has offered his second home in Florida as a venue for the ceremony. Undoubtedly local LGBTQX … Continue reading

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FCC formally proposes ending Main Studio rule

With some exceptions, all radio stations are required to have a “main studio”, which is open and staffed during business hours within close proximity to the community of service where the radio station is located. FCC proposal The new Republican … Continue reading

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Hugh Hewitt in talks with MSNBC When Hewitt took over for Bill Bennett to do the 6-9 AM shift, I wondered if he was going to last as a morning guy. The purported MSNBC show would be an evening show, so it seems unlikely Hewitt … Continue reading

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