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Charlotte bathroom update

Now that HB2 is repealed along with the city ordinance, bathroom choices have returned to letting the marketplace decide. At the lawyer’s office in far south Charlotte, the Men / Handicap bathroom had two toilets but no urinal, but to … Continue reading

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Trump has a new bulldog

Radio and TV host and Constitutional lawyer Jay Sekulow has joined President Trump’s personal legal team. He made the rounds over the weekend on the TV shows. Jay Sekulow became known for working with Pat Robertson, who created the American … Continue reading

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Used coffee cups

The other day I was at my favorite Starbucks (the one with two PokéStops) and saw this confusing container: It appears that Starbucks is convincing its green customers that they are recycling by sending empty dirty coffee cups to the … Continue reading

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Liberal web site creating fake “Conservative” news

Sources matter is a totally fake website run by liberals to lure in Christians and Conservatives into repeating totally fake news, because as we all know Christians and Conservatives are mindless sheep who will believe any conspiracy, like Donald … Continue reading

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New York Observer

Yesterday,  I encountered an interesting story from some entity called “Observer” and subscribed to their newsletter.  It wasn’t clear if it is just a web site or a real newspaper, and no hint who owns it.    The articles are … Continue reading

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2017 Darwin award nominee

Some people were born to remove themselves from the gene pool

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While they had a brief mid-afternoon rush when I arrived, they had been caught up for about five minutes before I pointed out to the manager that there were issues. The melted ice cream / dairy messes had been there … Continue reading

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Tree or not?

The Countess and I went to the nearby YMCA and I asked if she saw anything out of place: Here is a clue

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Cumulus launches rights plan The market capitalization of Cumulus Media (NASDAQ: CMLS) is down to a mere $14 million, carrying debt of around $2.4 billion. The board just executed a preferred rights agreement intended to block a takeover attempt if any owner or … Continue reading

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June bugging

June was meant for randomness

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