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Blow back

The job of President of the United States is arguably the most powerful job in the world. The world changed today. The Republican controlled US Senate utterly failed in its promise to repeal Obamacare, with John McCain casting the final … Continue reading

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Tom Taylor tells the radio world

Tom Taylor is the leading voice of the radio business, primarily through his daily newsletter targeted at people within the radio business. Today, he reported my decision and why. Tom and I have had a behind the scenes email friendship … Continue reading

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The Pullitzer for Daily Caller

The FBI and Capitol Police are hot on the trail of the 4 Pakistani IT contractots who have been working for various House Members since 2004. The FBI has evidence they had broken into the US House Computer system and … Continue reading

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Several years ago,  I declared that “having a life” was more important than the web site – and if I was unable to keep the “average days since last review” of each radio below 180 days, I would need to … Continue reading

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Joe Rago is dead

NY Times Joe Rago was a very smart editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal. He was a fierce critic of Obamacare and a frequent guest on the John Batchelor show. He was found dead in his apartment when he … Continue reading

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It is Made in America day

Cheerwine Cola was invited to the White House

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Amazon Fire

The 32 GB Amazon fire has arrived from the Matrix. If you ask Alexa for a specific radio station, it will use iHeartradio or Tunein to find a radio station stream. Trying to play streams from here does not work … Continue reading

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Picking your grapes

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Chris Christie’s Radio debut

WFAN decided to give New Jersey governor Chris Christie a sports radio DJ tryout. Well, it certainly got a reaction.

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Global Competition

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