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iHeart embraces podcasting, uh-huh

Tom Taylor’s newsletter mentioned that iHeart/Clear Channel has signed a deal with a podcasting company to move into offline distribution. This morning, iHeartRadio emailed me information. Here is the podcast info for Sean Hannity: It is pretty pathetic that … Continue reading

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Triton digital rankings Triton is not the only company providing streaming, but they are the 900 pound gorilla

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Before the @ sign

In 1994, the US government decided it was way past time to make the Internet available to the huddled masses, much to the consternation of the academics and military contractors who ran the Internet to that point. The computer world … Continue reading

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A month or so ago, Countess and I streamed the movie “The Founder”, the partly accurate story of Ray Kroc and the founding of McDonald’s. The movie focused on the business relationship between Kroc and the McDonald brothers who designed … Continue reading

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City on a hill

The Countess and I went to see a movie today at a unique movie theater in the far South part of Charlotte called Ballantyne. After the movie, we went out on a third story balcony that circles the lobby with … Continue reading

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November, a time for new beginnings

Everything old is new again

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Donna Brazile: Hillary did rig the primary Tom DeLay did a lot less than tbis…

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