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Taking Cookies from Strangers

The GDPR is having some benefits, as serious media players are getting clearer about how pervasive tracking has become. Here is the Dow Jones cookie policy. Dow Jones “Cookies” Not only does it list the cookies, it also mentions Adobe … Continue reading

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GDPR Notice

The EU’s new privacy law went into effect overnight. Bloomberg tells us how it is going GDPR Day 1 Since this web site’s inception in 2004, visitors from Europe and Asia have been blocked by IP address ranges. The only … Continue reading

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Slogging in the swamp

So there is this curious thing about the New York Times and Washington Post leaking the information about the “spy” inside the Trump campaign, except not naming him. While not revealing his name, they listed so many details that it … Continue reading

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Bet the Farm

As if America was not already overwhelmed with Spork betting, the Supreme Court has thrown the barn door wide open, voiding a law that limited spork betting to only Nevada. Supreme Court legalizes sports gambling nationwide States will have the … Continue reading

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Login issues

For reasons I don’t fully understand yet, clicking on the link to login to comment does not work under some situations. If this happens, use the Blog Login link in the menu right above this post.

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iHeart’s future

John Malone’s Liberty Global has reached a deal with UK based Vodaphone to sell Liberty’s European Cable TV assets, which will net Liberty about €10 million, currently around $12 billion. Speculation is ramping up that Malone will follow up on … Continue reading

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Alpha is next

A man named Larry Wilson got into radio in the 1980s in Montana owning tiny stations. In 1990, he formed a company called Citadel. He continued buying up small failing radio owners at a bargain, hoping to turn them around … Continue reading

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The changing political landscape of Charlotte

While there are a few semi-autonomous cities left in Mecklenburg County, the reality is that the County and Charlotte are close to unified. The city runs the police department, water and sewage and police, and the County runs the schools, … Continue reading

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Taking the Jump

A few months ago, Countess and I went to Dunn, NC to visit my niece. The Apple iPhone decided that we should drive around the Western end of Fort Bragg, and were curious about why so much land near Fayetteville … Continue reading

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“American” Car Jobs

Things are not as simple as they used to be

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