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Is President Trump out to dismantle the NWO?

While it has been fairly obvious if you looked closely that the State Department and CIA are filled with Globalists, until today I was unaware of how Influential James Burnham was in the formulation of Conservative politics and the conduct … Continue reading

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Unmasking AT&T

Just this week in a private discussion, I mentioned there is very little distance between AT&T and the US Government. The Intercept drops some information Back from the FindAnISP days, I was fairly certain much of the infrastructure of … Continue reading

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If you remember King Friday and the Trolley and Mr McFeely, you might want to visit a local theater if you can find “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”, An insightful and entertaining look at Fred Rogers and his PBS TV … Continue reading

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Domestic Content protection in a global community

The BBC is having an identity crisis and has decided it can’t compete with commercial radio. The BBC is funded by an unpopular TV tax – how do you sustain that model competing against streaming video to devices with no … Continue reading

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California to vote on three way split

CNN California voters have gathered enough signatures to put the measure to split California on the ballot ballot on November. Undoubtedly, about the only things Democrats are thinking about is they believe adding four new US Senators would swing the … Continue reading

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CEO of K-Love / Air1 to retire

For the past few years, when a radio station in a rated market comes up for sale, the Educational Media Foundation (EMF) shows up with a bushel basket of cash making an all cash offer with no contingencies. That makes … Continue reading

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New face at the FCC

Following the abrupt resignation of totally unqualified Mignon Clyburn, Donald Trump has nominated an employee of the FCC. Geoffrey Starks is running the enforcement Bureau and under his leadership, I have noticed a serious improvement cracking down on pirates … Continue reading

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JUNE is busting out all over

Something about June bugs me

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