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Today’s overflowing news bag (per Tom Taylor)

Craig Karmazin (son of Mel, formerly of Infinity Broadcadting, CBS and SiriusXM) really likes spending money on sports. He is buying WTMJ-AM (and recently acquired translator) and an FM music station in Milwaukee for $16 million. The seller is Scripps … Continue reading

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You can feel secure now

The process of getting a free security certificate finally got easy enough that I turned on full time https secure connections. No more man in the middle attacks or NSA snooping! I feel sure the EFF did not leak the … Continue reading

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It’s Official – 2020 RNC convention coming to Charlotte Too bad the new Amtrak station won’t be ready for 6 years. The transcontinental railroad was built in 6 years digging by hand and without CAD software.

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Changes in Philly

Iconic B103 in Philadelphia is beeing sold to Entercom (CBS) and Entercom’s Country WXTU-FM is being sold to Beasley. The bottom feeders are devouring the whales Inside Radio report

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Big improvement at FCC Website

Ajit Pai’s support of a free internet is bearing fruit. This has quietly been happening, but shows what a new leader can do. FCC Chairman Pai has been working with broadcasters to get rid of pointless obligations or at least … Continue reading

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More train action than you can shake a stick at

The blue elevated line is the Tokyo Monorail built for the 1964 Olympics

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One of the many non-financial corporations based in Charlotte is Nucor. While at the airport, we saw their private jet being stowed in the hangar. The registration on the tail was how I discovered the owner. Nucor is a competitor … Continue reading

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The future of grocery retailing?

Combine the ideas of Walmart and Amazon and the economies of technology will overwhelm the competition. How Many Robots Does It Take to Fill a Grocery Order? Walmart has the distribution system and pickup concept working and Amazon has … Continue reading

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Visiting Our Heritage

On Saturday [back in January], Countess and I decided to go visit the remnants of Heritage USA down in Fort Mill, SC. It is located just south of the border between North and South Carolina. After Jim & Tammy Faye … Continue reading

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The Conservative Mom

While helping Countess get her email under control, I noticed a curious item in my own junk folder in gmail – a missive from “the Conservative Mom”. I could not think of any reason why I would be targeted, and … Continue reading

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