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Fun with snowflakes

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Say Something or Don’t Tell?

So for only the second time in five years, I went to our 28226 post office. I was sending an overweight first class envelope to the Connecticut Department of Revenue explaining that I did not need to pay their $4,500 … Continue reading

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Alex Jones banned from iTunes and Facebook

Feeling the hubris of reaching $1 trillion in market capitalization, Apple has pulled down 5 of six of Infowars / Alex podcast libraries in order to protect people with differing opinions. iTunes does not host the actual libraries, it … Continue reading

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Politico stoking race war within House leadership One name they are pushing is Jim Clyburn, the father of former FCC commissioner Mignon Clyburn. This video clip would be useful for Republicans As the #3 democrat in the House, most searches indicate his most notable accomplishment is … Continue reading

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Augustus, the strong Caesar

The final resting place for summer awaits your randomness

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