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The New Edge

In 2015, Microsoft announced that it was replacing the Internet Explorer browser with a new browser called Edge, which would be included in Windows 10. When I tried it out it was very clear it was an unfinished product that … Continue reading

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IHeart/Clear Channel bankruptcy gets final signoff

The Federal judge in Texas has agreed to the proposed plan to bring iHeart out of bankruptcy. The asset rich Clear Channel Outdoors (billboards, airport displays, European transit stops) will be split from IHeart and be given to creditors, who … Continue reading

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State of the Union

Television did not exist in 1791. Until Woodrow Wilson, the State of the Union was a written document transmitted to Congress. All the Constitution requires regarding the State of the Union message is: Section 3 He(!) shall from time to … Continue reading

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The Nordic Gender Paradox

Jordon Peterson is quite the troublemaker He is a professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. He started becoming known via the Internet making the case against gender neutral pronouns and his opinion that foceed … Continue reading

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Inside Public Radio

This newspaper story from Binghamton NY gives some interesting insights into the business of public radio, specifically NPR type programming. This NPR affiliate is revamping their two groups of licenses to what they call “single format programming”, meaning carrying news … Continue reading

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More money for bike trails

The Charlotte City Council found out that the cost of building the city’s “world class” bike trail is underfunded by $77 million, a 200% cost overrun. Unspoken is the section that may never get built is the section through the … Continue reading

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Bird Box Challenge If it has not come up before, my father was completely blind from a disease called retinitis pigmentosa. This meant that by the early twenties, his vision started to fail as the retina could no longer sense light. By … Continue reading

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New Year brings New Changes

Air1, the Christian Rock companion to KLove has apparently realized you can’t trick teenagers into loving Jesus with fake rock music The new playlist is described as Worship music, still targeting younger listeners but with songs where the lyrics matter

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