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The Green Great Leap Forward

At least 15 million people in China died of starvation during the “Great Leap Forward”, followed by the murder of at least 3 million “intellectuals” at the hands of the youth of the Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution. Senator … Continue reading

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Entercom, the 900 pound gorilla

Entercom inherited from CBS who had a streaming partnership with AOL 20 years ago. Having integrated CBS Radio and Entercom into the apps, it is time to aim higher. Cox Radio just signed on to stream using … Continue reading

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System rollback

Something today clobbered the blog, disconnecting every single comment from its post. Because I am not routinely backing up just the blog(s), the only alternative was restoring the entire server as of 4 AM saturday morning, which fortunately worked. Linode … Continue reading

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Cumulus bails on New York City It is rare when my jaw drops reading a radio news story. Cumulus itself did not have a presence in New York City. They acquired three stations that originally belonged to Disney who owned ABC radio, which they sold … Continue reading

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How Doc Thompson was killed by a quiet zone

Former WRVA and The Blaze Conservative talk host Doc Thompson was struck and killed by an Amtrak train in Haltom City, Texas. The Texas Eagle runs from San Antonio to/from Chicago. The Northbound train goes through DFW around 3:30, using … Continue reading

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Google neutrality?

YouTube is owned by Google of course Observations, comments?

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