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Cox sells its radio division to early SiriusXM investor

Cox’s fortune was the result of the work of James M. Cox, a newspaper owner from Dayton Ohio, who ran for President in 1920 for the Democrats, with a young Franklin Delano Roosevelt as his Vice President. He lost in … Continue reading

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You are worth $67 per year to radio

I had recently read that the most valuable cities are worth $84 per year from radio commercials, or $0.23 a day This study goes into a lot more detail This might explain why religious networks who are getting $10 … Continue reading

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The FX explosion

No, not foreign exchange trading – FM Xlators [translators] Originally, a translator was a lower power transmitter whose intent was to distribute programming in a small area from a primary station, either in an area with bad signals like in … Continue reading

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No mas! ESPN Deportes closing

The spanish-language sports Network ESPN Deportes is closing down according to this story Eventually people in American radio will catch on that Spanish language speaking immigrants have no money to spend, and what they do have they send back … Continue reading

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How to make a small fortune in radio…

Start with a big fortune! Jeff Smulyan, the CEO of Emmis Communications, fancies himself to be the pied Piper of radio. He was the guy who tried to force Apple to turn on the hidden chip that would allow your … Continue reading

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The death of America’s rural radio, according to the Guardian(.UK)

This sponsored “news” story profiles KHIL-AM in Willcox Arizona as typical of the decline of America’s rural radio, which the story blamed primarily on the 1996 Telecom Reform Act (without mentioning that Bill Clinton pushed for it). Willcox is on … Continue reading

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Breaking up is hard to do

People may not remember what it was that popped the NASDAQ tech bubble. I was there – I remember. Attorney General Janet Reno announced that she was going to initiate antitrust action against the evil Microsoft in November 1999 following … Continue reading

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June knows heat

Longer days mean more Hannity

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