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Searching for McGouda

My car said that it’s 103 degrees outside – i’m a little skeptical – 98 perhaps. I am a global heat denier. So after my relatively uneventful doctor appointment, I decided to go visit McDonald’s, joining the huddled masses yearning … Continue reading

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Iconic heritage AM station fades away

The chicago-based Moody Bible institute was truly a pioneer in radio. They had to fend off NBC / RCA and the other early players in radio in the 1920s. Moody, along with the CFL labor union (WCFL) believed that radio … Continue reading

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Amazon Prime Day

Need I say more? Be sure to click the affiliate links!

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Live from Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Where all the secrets are right out in plain sight

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Revision to metro areas

For the most part, this won’t really affect anybody, but in case somebody notices… Radio and TV and the FCC focus on this term called DMA, which stands for designated market area. It is similar to, but different than, the … Continue reading

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Buh-buy Mapleton

Radio insight story Back in 2009, I did profiles on each of the major radio station owners, including mapleton. About mapleton The good news is they had some awesome parties while it lasted.

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Station Search – new and improved

For several years, the “search for a station” has been much more flexible than it might appear at first. You can search for things like words in the description of the station, the licensee, keywords on their home page, and … Continue reading

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The month for grilling

Ants need to eat too!

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