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Do you see problems?

Several times, wordpress has returned incomplete pages. I have temporarily reverted back to the very basic default template

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LFPINC and marketing 101

Ralph Ketner had a plan. He wanted to be someone important in the grocery business. From his first store right next to Catawba College, he launched his grocery empire in 1957. His grocery store was named Food Town. (Ralph Ketner … Continue reading

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Stale FCC data

I have not figured out what to make of this yet, but as I started reviewing the radio station data, I realized that the updates have not been happening for many months. The reason is curious. As a sanity check … Continue reading

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K&W cafeterias files for bankruptcy My decision to return to North Carolina had many factors, but the K&W cafeteria was maybe 20% of the reason. Waffle House and Krispy Kreme also mattered. Since getting married, I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to go … Continue reading

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