Michael Savage headed to the Supreme Court!

Michael “Savage” Weiner has said on the air that he never expects to see a penny from Talk Radio Network.

A few weeks ago, his lawyers got a “writ of execution” for $866k for a judgement already won ordering TRN to pay back Savage’s lawyers because of their refusal to follow through on the results of binding arbitration releasing Savage from his contract.

Listeners to Clark Howard know that getting a judgement from a court is almost worthless. Unless the loser just writes a check, the winner has to use the courts again to enforce the judgement. The Writ of Execution does that. With the writ in hand, the winner can empty out bank accounts, get the sheriff to seize tangible property, etc…

TRN has apparently applied to the US Supreme Court for a further appeal. This is not based on any significant legal principle. They lost in binding arbitration, they lost on appeal. It is a stalling tactic and trying to increase the expense yet further hoping that Savage will go away, or die first.

In my non-lawyer opinion, it’s a huge abuse of process. The bigger legal problem is the assets controlled by Roy Masters and his relatives (if any exist) are stored away within the Foundation for Human Understanding. Even with a Writ of Execution against TRN, Savsge cannot probably seize the ranch owned by FHU without an entire new proceeding to break through the religious veil protecting FHU and proving commingling or transfer of assets to avoid the judgement, etc.

I was alarmed when I learned the TRN / FHU connection. It appears there was reason for concern.

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