The sky is falling!

While you were sleeping, George Soros declared the world’s financial system would implode today.


This is the index futures – they trade before the markets open and generally indicate where prices are headed at 9:30 ET. The futures can also trigger people to dump “market on open” orders to rush out the door first, which can then trigger stop loss orders to kick in.

WTI (Texas) crude dipped below $33.

Remember this?

The day that Congress passed the change to allow US crude to be sold internationally, the price difference between US oil and Brent (North Sea) crude vaporized. Back in August, there was a $5 a barrel difference.

I think the underlying reason is not George Soros, but the recent “we think we can control the climate” treaty which is essentially civilization committing suicide. That will show up in many different ways, like China exploding a hydrogen bomb, pretending that North Korea isn’t its puppet.

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8 Responses to The sky is falling!

  1. briand75 says:

    Yes – climate control. As if a race of idiots who text while driving have any say or influence on global climate. I wonder if the money grabbing morons behind the movement have any idea of the lasting effects of such global stupidity?

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Alex Jones sure thinks so. The global elites think a world population of 1 billion would be better. That means 5 billion people need to die.

      • prboylan says:

        I’ve heard this “1 billion” number bantered about by young PhD millennials in my engineering work. Most are atheists, certainly they are non-Christians. Many are immigrants that came to the U.S. and were educated here through the H1B visa program. I casually ask about the 5 or 6 billion people that have to “disappear” to get down to 1 billion and they dismiss my question as being ignorant. “Gotta be done to stop climate change, save the whales, save the planet, etc.” Absolutely no understanding that the Creator is still in control and thus there are certain actions (such as killing off 5+ billion of his children) that they simply will NOT be permitted to take.

  2. briand75 says:

    5 billion – just imagine for a moment how ugly that would be. Buy your firearms soon.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      And some gourmet survival food guaranteed to last 25 years!

      • Parrott says:

        all these markets are so rigged, I hate that I have two 401K’s that I can’t get out from under.
        would like to get that cash. Can’t take the food with you, I may have to move to NC.
        Virginia has gone bat guano with the election of Gov. McAweful, who is campaigning for Hilliary this weekend in Iowa !
        His boy ‘Flying Monkey’ Herring attorney general from Northern Va, killed reciprocity with 30 states including NC !
        General assembly is suppose to reinstate that this session Jan 15 but who knows.
        so strange. Ashe county real estate. here I come LOL

        • Fred Stiening says:

          China is just making up new trading rules every day. Clearly on Friday, the Chinese government used some of its $3 trillion in foreign assets to try to catch the falling knife. Saudi Arabia is clearly unraveling.

          As a general rule of thumb, the final hour of trading reflects the sentiments of the individual investors, a lot of that indirect via mutual fund redemptions or purchases.

          Canada is now at $1 USD = $1.40 CDN – not so long ago it was at parity

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