2,700 new pages of Medicare rules

Just as Obamacare is imploding, the government has published 2,700 pages of new rules to micromanage doctors, physician assistants and nurse practioners.

Everyone knows that Medicare is in trouble – unlike Social Security, there is no trust fund of money set aside for the costs of old age. There are three primary sources of funding – the Medicare payroll tax, the General Fund and the enrollee premiums.

Cuba pays its general practioner doctors $75 a month, India $8k a year, Mexico $21k a year, UK National Health Service $75k, United States $161k

Talk about income inequality. If you are a primary care doctor, you have to be crazy to want socialized medicine. If you’re a psychiatrist, especially so.

The general idea of the plan is to pay doctors for the quality of their outcomes, which will mean chasing politically motivated metrics, which have little or anything to do with quality of life of the patient – more to do with the profitability of pharmaceutical companies

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  1. JayMar says:

    I agree with you except that in a Socialist or Communist country, psychiatrists are very much in demand. Just look at the “sluggish schizo” diagnoses on “dissenters” at the many “psihushkas” primarily the Bekhterev and the Serbsky psychiatric hospitals in Moscow (I forget the main one started by Lavreti Beria where Solzhenitsyn was imprisoned). That scenario could conceivably happen here when we get labeled “dissenters” one day soon.

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