Who was Yves Chandelon?

One of the tidbits Alex Jones has been talking about vaguely is the murder of a NATO auditor in Belgium. The reports seem to be bouncing around the right wing echosphere, but invisible on the “just the truth” media

The narrative is that Yves Chandelon was an auditor general for NATO who had the job of tracking down how “terrorist” are being funded with the goal of finding out how to stop it. The more extreme speculation is that he discovered the US is funding ISIS, the same claim made by Turkey’s Erdogan. So what of that is true?

Starting with a Belgium source on December 21

The troubling elements accumulate around the death of Yves Chandelon, a senior official of the NATO based in Luxembourg, who lived in Lens, near Tournai. The man was found dead on Friday in Andenne, with a bullet in his head. An autopsy was performed on Tuesday. The family does not believe in an intentional act.

Did Yves Chandelon have any enemies? Was he threatened in the course of his work in NATO? Was it an odious crime made up in suicide, or did the man go through a troubled period? For his relatives, the incomprehension is total.

Among the troubling elements is the fact that Yves Chandelon had three declared weapons. But it was with a fourth, that he kept in his glove box, that the mortal blow is gone, it was learned from source close to the investigation, with confirmation of the prosecutor of the King Vincent Macq.


The NATO official had the pistol in his right hand while he is … left-handed!
Luc Gochel

Friday morning, near Andenne, the dead body of Yves Chandelon (62 years old) was discovered in his car. He had died from a bullet in his head and still held the weapon in his right hand. There is every reason to believe that this high official of NATO committed suicide. But family and friends do not believe it at all!

Yves Chandelon died in Andenne of a bullet in the head.
Suicide or murder? The circumstances of the death of Yves Chandelon are troubling and the Namur justice is investigating relentlessly. But some relatives of the victim do not want the case to be described too quickly as a desperate act. Because the scenario does not stick.

“The findings reveal that he died with a bullet in the head by a weapon point blank that he was still holding in his right hand,” says a family friend. “Now Yves CHANDELON was left …! And when one commits suicide with touching end, the shock makes the weapon not stay in the hand. It has the air of a murder we wanted to dress up suicid e. ”

Confirming that he existed and what he was doing

His name is not listed

I found several references to him in 2008 and 2010 for auditing organizations, so he was an auditor and did exist. Other than that, he has been invisible.

Politico’s European edition

High-ranking NATO official Yves Chandelon, whose body was found in his car in the Belgian town of Andenne on December 16, killed himself, the chief prosecutor in charge of the case told POLITICO
Local media reported that Chandelon’s family initially dismissed investigators’ view the death was a suicide, believing it was suspicious. The prosecutor’s office said some members of the family subsequently changed their minds when investigators found a one-page, handwritten note in the car.

“We cannot go into details on the content of the note but we can say that it is linked to some investments [which had] gone wrong that Mr Chandelon had done with some friends. The family was not aware of these investments,” Prosecutor Vincent Mack said. He added that an autopsy had confirmed suicide was the cause of death and a toxicology exam failed to find the presence of any narcotics.

There are 100s of non-English news stories bouncing around Europe, but they all seem to be just the echosphere bouncing around the same initial story, with no independent confirmation of anything. No established news source has mentioned the alleged suicide. Conspiracy? A test to see how rapidly fake news will spread?

It is a well known tactic in the map making business to plant fake streets or entire cities on a map, which enables tracking of copyright violations when the fake city shows up in another map maker’s maps. Creating a completely fake story and then seeing who repeats it would be a great way to gather data for future “fake news” sanctions. Confirming sources matters. Is it fake? I don’t know.

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    • Fred Stiening says:

      You can tell a party of European internal auditors would be one heck of a good time!

      Another of my college roommates got a job after college of auditing federally insured credit unions. He was a bit older than me – he worked for the military pushing paperwork then went back to school. Maybe 15 years ago, I opened the college alumni newsletter to see if I remembered anyone only to read he had died. One of his two daughters had recently died in a car crash, so all sorts of theories went through my mind, but I didn’t call the widow (I knew her before they met each other) but I’ll really shy. I asked through a third party what had happened and he just keeled over. He did a lot of traveling – the government should make some PSAs about the dangers of DVTs from people on long plane fights.

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