Obama to expel legal Cuban immigrants


I am surprised that this did not happen sooner – with Barack Obama withdrawing many of the sanctions against Cuba, it is hard to justify continuing automatic refugee status for Cubans that come to the United States.

It does put Donald Trump in a box – how do you argue that Cuban immigrants arriving without permission and crossing the border are good but Mexicans are bad. Maybe Mexico should become communist, then we can make all Mexican illegals out to be heroes for coming here.

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2 Responses to Obama to expel legal Cuban immigrants

  1. JayMar says:

    This has been expected by those of Cuban descent since the beginning of Obama’s Regime. This meets with the Socialist narrative and not only favors the regime in Cuba but it points out in the open those who leave surreptitiously trying to make a better life.

    The biggest difference between the Mexican illegal and the Cuban arriving in our land is simple. The Cuban is abandoning his “Socialist Paradise” and after becoming American citizen becomes a rabid anti-Communist recognizing the dangers in Democratic policies which will lead to a regime they escaped. The Mexican on the other hand is basically ignorant, illiterate (not being able to even sign their names in a contract), and depending on Uncle Sam for their support. These, who have never lived under Communism, not even having the vaguest idea of what it is, quickly turn to the Santa Claus policies offered by Democrats and quickly learn the have “rights” here, thus the parades and quasi riots demanding his ways or the highway. These are the people we have now in TX and Mexifornia and who are embraced by Democrats.

    Back in the Eisenhower Administration, these people were called “braceros” (one who employs his arms to pick fruit, vegs, and swims across the river), later they were called “mojados” (wetbacks -they call themselves that also), then they became illegal aliens, then illegal migrants, and now they are being referred to by the new Sheriff of Maricopa County as GUESTS!

    You’ve come a long way, baby!

    • Fred Stiening says:

      The Wall Street Journal had a story in the past day about how the mexican peso collapsing is affecting trade with the United States.

      An alleged business man commented that he will have to lay off people in the United States because his exports to Mexico have dropped 80%. I was more than a bit skepical of his comment, although in theory he is right. A strong dollar makes it harder to export products and easier for imports to undercut domestic production.

      I asked if he sold his products in Puerto Rico, and his reponse was no.

      If we were predatory like China, we would use the strong dollar to buy up land and capital assets in other countries and then destroy their economies, but most countries don’t allow foreigners to buy the productive assets of their countries.

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