“Being a felon means I’m disabled”

It’s great when a plan comes together. I proposed that we do the drivers license stuff out in an undisclosed rural DMV office, far from Charlotte.

After a few driving errors on my part, and an initial paperwork issue with insurance, we were quickly handed over to a woman DMV employee who recently moved here from New York. She was polite and helpful dealing with the complexity of changing her name and residency at the same time.

While we were doing our business, it was hard to ignore the man who came in about the same time. He was needing a state ID card. That requires a birth certificate and proof of address. All his worldly belongings seemed to be in a briefcase.

He indicated that he had an ID card about 10 years ago, and a driver’s license for a while before his license was revoked.

His story meandered on about how he didn’t get a new ID and something related to drug convictions. At this point, he volunteered for no particular reason that he thought Obama was a great President and how great it was that he gets his healthcare for free.

When it came time to pay for the state ID card, he offered up the information that since he is a felon, the people at DSS told him that qualifies him as “disabled” and he was supposed to get the ID card for free.

Here are the actual rules

Free ID cards

After the guy left, the employees were rolling their eyes. I would not be surprised if they had just issued a fake ID.

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5 Responses to “Being a felon means I’m disabled”

  1. haiti222 says:

    He was supposed to have done this before his release from prison:

    This is a big deal for prisoners and their release plans. At the jail I work with, we are supposed to be improving getting people ID and getting them on/back on Medicaid before they leave the jail. I´ve spent time working on it.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      I’m pretty sure he was not a recent incarcerated person – that he just had lost his ID card years ago and needed a new one. He was wearing a hat and a beard (that might have been fake). My guess was that he was fabricating a fake identity…

  2. Parrott says:

    Its always boring when I go to the DMV. I recently renewed my passport.
    $110 dollars thank you very much. Each ! ( one for mrs Parrott)

    Rock and Roll Hmmm Fred, did you go over to Albemarle ?

    have a good one,

    • Fred Stiening says:

      I went to Albemarle briefly shortly after I got back. There was a lot less there than I expected. Once we get mostly unpacked, I expect to take the Countess out to the hinterlands and socialize with the little people. If I find a farmer’s market or flea market, I’m home free

  3. briand75 says:

    Only in real life. This guy (Mr. No ID) has probably been working the system since he was a teenager. I would think it a solid bet that his momma worked the system as well. Children always need a great role model 🙂

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