What is the purpose of Voice of America?

Voice of America was created in 1942 as a media outlet targeted at Europe to provide propoganda to support the war effort. It is not intended to be a domestic news service, which was changed during the final term of the Obama Administration.

In 1976, the VOA redefined itself with a new charter that laid out the guiding principles – that the VOA would provide the world with reliable news, provide a comprehensive view of American thoughts and institutions, and most importantly “will present the policies of the United States clearly and effectively, and will also present responsible discussion and opinion on those policies”.

President Trump sets the policies of the United States, not Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the State Department, the CIA or VOA staff. For the past month, I’ve received a daily list of VOA stories that could have been authored by the DNC. Almost all are anti-Trump or promoting issues that have nothing to do with Us government policies. You can see the list here

Today’s “Editor’s Picks” consist of:

  • Trump’s physical stamina called into question during overseas tour

    Was the 70-year-old president fatigued when he botched a critical line in his speech to Muslim leaders or was he being true to form?

  • Trump’s Russia difficulties make us think of past presidential scandals

    From Watergate to Iran-Contra and Bill Clinton’s impeachment, a look at recent presidential political scandals.

  • As if the threat from Boko Haram isn’t bad enough

    Communities in northeastern Nigeria are fighting hunger as many farmers are cut off from their farms. [What is the Trump policy on this?]

  • Chinese Student Criticized for Graduation Comments

    A Chinese student has apologized after she received heavy criticism for a graduation speech she gave in the American state of Maryland [VOA implicitly supporting Communist Chinese censorship

  • China might be losing its luster for foreign investors

    Foreign companies say Beijing has gone backwards, piling on more regulations, taxes and local company market share protectionism. [policy source quoted is a former Bill Clinton appointee]

  • Syrians running from IS camp out on roadsides

    Families escaped Islamic State’s de facto capital of Raqqa ahead of a US-backed offensive there. [US Syria policy is as muddled as the headline]

  • Russia’s ‘party of pensioners’ aims to make communism cool again

    Looking to attract young members, Russia’s aging communist party is using pop culture images, including a leather-jacket-wearing Karl Marx.

The swamp still looks a bit soggy

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