Donna Brazile: Hillary did rig the primary

Tom DeLay did a lot less than tbis…

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  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    I don’t recall Tom DeLay rigging one of the private party’s nomination process, he got involved with the operation of Congress. Remember that the political parties are private and while corrupt, exempt from anti-trust and RICO and heavily funded by tax payers, that fact that they are private means they can use any means possible to keep a hold onto power once they have it. The Republicans did a lot of rule breaking and dirty tricks in 2012 just to keep Ron Paul from being able to speak during the 2012 Convention – again they are also a private party and not subject to anti-corruption laws that other organizations are subject to.

  2. briand75 says:

    The pot calling the kettle “black” I believe. Ms. Brazile is quite an expert at corruption and prevarication herself. I think being displaced by Waffling-Bull was too much for her sensitive ego.

  3. Fred Stiening says:

    It was worth the wait for the Washington Post to report this

    The book goes a lot deeper and has the potential to fracture the Democratic party.

    Tuesday is election day. The Democrats will control the Charlotte City Council no matter what – four districts don’t even have a Republican running, but there is an outside chance that Kenny Smith could win the race for mayor. The Democrats are running a 65 year old black woman who has been on the wrong side of issues. She is a lifelong city bureaucrat, having served in a number of roles including budget director. Mayor is a part time ceremonial position. The real power lies in the unelected city manager. Kenny Smith is a 44 year old Republican with a finance background who the banking and real estate money would find to be the safer choice.

  4. Fred Stiening says:

    The NY Times finally acknowleges the Donna Brazile thing without referencing the Politico article, other than to defend Hillary and the campaign and dismiss Brazile as misinformed. They skipped the opportunity to point out Brazile had leaked the CNN questions to Hillary prior to the primary debate.

    Their main issue of concern appears that Brazile’s publisher snubbed the NY Times and did not send the Times an advance copy of the book, forcing the NY Times to use the Washington Post article (above) as their primary source for the story.

  5. briand75 says:

    What do you folks think? Is Ms. Brazile in danger of losing her life? or Is this all a big setup by the Dems/DNC to push Hillary out?

    • Fred Stiening says:

      I thought it interesting that she mentioned concern about the unsolved murder of Seth Rich. Perhaps she was told about the Clinton death list

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        It’s not getting any attention, but yesterday on the Morning Joe she said that the Russians had tampered with their campaign databases and caused the campaign to make bad decisions. lie lie lie and of course the Morning Joe cast took that at face value and had no follow up questions regarding it.

    • TheChairman says:

      Ms. Brazile has seen enough to realize the best thing for her to do was go public, as a sort of insurance policy against sleeping on the grass in Fort Marcy Park.

      • briand75 says:

        Dems don’t do anything spontaneous. Everything has a framework and a plan. Ms. Brazile may be shoving Hillary out, but Rush had the notion that she is moving Michelle Obama in.

        2020 could be an interesting year – Obama, Cuban, Zuckerberg, Biden…

        • CC1s121LrBGT says:

          The day after she was on Morning Joe, she went on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, a live show I highly recommend and DVR so that I don’t miss it – it is worth my cable bill.

          Tucker asked her about giving the CNN debate questions to Hillary. She danced and danced and danced but eventually said she “didn’t want the candidates blindsided”. Tucker started laughing out loud. He heard the “s” in “candidates” as I did. When he stopped laughing he eventually said “if you can show proof that you send the questions to Gov Martin O’Malley, we’ll have you back on the show. Thee is no proof of that anywhere but is proof that you send them to Hillary.

          • Fred Stiening says:

            She also did an interview with a black man I’m not familiar with on the SiriusXM Progressive channel. She cried in response to a question about the unsolved murder of Seth Rich – he was one of her children.

        • TheChairman says:

          I left out part of my previous comment: I’ve contended since 2009 that Obama was ‘installed’ by the Clinton DNC machine (they knew housing/ economic bubbles and social agitation were in the cards) so BHO gets the seat, with the understanding that it would be “Hillary’s turn” in 2016. Quid pro quo… she gets to be S.O.S. and spread her joy to the world. What they didn’t anticipate was the decline of her health 8 years later. A power struggle has erupted throughout the party, and we’re watching it play out. Entertaining, but also dangerous.

          • Fred Stiening says:

            My memory of 2008 was the Democrats relied heavily on caucuses to pick the delegates and when the Obama supporters showed up, the progressive white people who are the core of the traditional caucus meetings didn’t want to challenge eligibility of the attendees who might have been bused in from other states, or were generally afraid to vote against the potential first mulatto President.

          • TheChairman says:

            Indeed. Harnessing years of white guilt paid off.
            In 2008, Team Obama wanted him nominated by acclamation; some of Team Clinton wanted a roll-call vote, to reflect her “18 million cracks” in the glass ceiling of presidential politics. In a compromise, Clinton herself, standing with the New York delegation she’d won, nominated Obama by acclamation… classic propaganda move, the DNC hedged its position perfectly. By contrast, Bernie did nothing of the sort; fissures and rifts in Democrat unity were clearly visible.

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