Taking the Jump

A few months ago, Countess and I went to Dunn, NC to visit my niece. The Apple iPhone decided that we should drive around the Western end of Fort Bragg, and were curious about why so much land near Fayetteville is set aside for the base.

Following the C-130 crash recently, we started talking about the difficulties of deploying Army tanks to the Middle East – that the C130 isn’t big (wide?) enough to carry an M1 tank. The only planes that can are the C-5 and the C-17 – both are slow moving turboprops that require in-Flight refueling if they go more than a couple thousand miles. That is why it took so long to stage the forces for the first Iraqi intervention.

In any case, Youtube concluded that I might enjoy this video

This is under ideal conditions – Clear day, huge flat landing zone, nobody firing at you. We know from D-day that dropping paratroopers behind enemy lines can become a snafu quickly, but at least these people would not be jumping for the first time.

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  1. prboylan says:

    “Turbofan”, not “turboprop”. The C-5 is not all that slow by commercial passenger jet standards, 518 mph with a range of 4800 miles. The C-5M can carry two M1 Abrams tanks. The C-17 speed is 450 knots and claims a “global” range with in-flight refueling. It’s main advantage is that it can operate from a 3500 ft runways whereas the C-5 requires 6000 ft runways.


    But it’s a valid point that if you want to assemble a Desert Storm sized armor and infantry battle force you’re going to need the Navy to do most of the heavy equipment transport.

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Remember that famous Democrat campaign commercial from a few years ago where Paul Ryan was pushing an old lady up to a cliff… then he pushes her over the cliff. (It was designed to outrage Democrat voters that Ryan wanted to save Social Security from bankruptcy. )

    This video could inspire two possible updates. One of Paul Ryan pushing George Bush’s wheelchair right up to the aircraft door… then right out the aircraft door…. (Read my lips, down with new taxes. )

    Option two, President Trump sits Paul Ryan down into the wheelchair as the audio from October 2016 plays with Ryan urging Trump to step down so that another Republican can replace him at the last minute to go against Hilary. Trump pushes Ryan right up the aircraft door … then right out the aircraft door. The camera zooms out and you see that the aircraft has the word “CONGRESS” written across it.

    Or maybe it instead of Ryan, Trump is pushing Schneiderman out the door as two people read their tweets about each other.

  3. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    John McCain and George HW Bush have taught us that you don’t need to be a paratrooper to have a snafu in a plane, or elsewhere.

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