Will Alex Jones inherit the Rush Limbaugh legacy?

The Infowars broadcast is live from 12 noon for 3:00 PM eastern time. As I’ve been reviewing radio stations the past few days, not only is Alex Jones not going away, he has picked up new affiliates among the independent radio stations.

Because I was paying attention, I was aware of the close relationship between Donald Trump, Roger Stone and Alex Jones in 2016. Almost every day Roger Stone was communicating information directly from the Trump campaign to Alex. Donald Trump even appeared on the Alex Jones show and made it clear that he was a long time listener to Alex Jones.

If Donald Trump is serious about running in 2024, or just getting payback on the Democrats, Alex Jones is likely to be a player.

A lot of the listeners to conservative radio seem to believe that Dan Bongino is the heir apparent to Rush Limbaugh, primarily based on a press release from Westwood One. I think his success is not guaranteed. Here is why:

  • Despite the rants from the left, Rush Limbaugh and his audience were pretty moderate.
  • Dan Bongino has no experience doing live radio other than occasional fillin. He has been doing a 1 hour podcast
  • Waiting until late May to launch might miss the window of opportunity
  • Advertisers may be scared of him – in the end, that drives the decisions
  • IHeart is not going to pick up his show
  • Cumulus / Westwood One has no backbone when it comes to controversy
  • With the exception of Mark Levin, who they inherited from ABC radio, Westwood One has been increasingly ineffective in syndication beyond the stations owned by Cumulus

Bongino has appeared on Infowars with Alex Jones. They largely believe the same things.

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10 Responses to Will Alex Jones inherit the Rush Limbaugh legacy?

  1. Fred Stiening says:

    Markley, van Camp and Robbins is a contender, but need a shorter name. It is a three guy ensemble show pretending to be right wing conservatives. The show is appearing on a wide variety of owners, and Markley has been around for quite a while. All it needs to be complete is a female co-host who can constantly undermine and challenge the three guys

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that nobody is reading any of this.

  3. RebelSansClue says:

    I’m reading this. I don’t check every day, but I still read it.

  4. Macky says:

    Fred, this is my first time posting. I check in regularly and I appreciate the insights that you and the other users provide. Please keep it going! It is a bright spot in dark times.

  5. prboylan says:

    I confess that I’ve started listening to Alex Jones at infowars and Mike Adams at Natural News since Rush passed away. The problem isn’t so much the content from the folks trying to carry on Rush’s legacy, it’s the radio stations themselves. They break in with “news” broadcasts every half hour that are nothing more than propaganda. Then they serve up more propaganda in the form of “public service announcements” at nearly every commercial break. They started doing this last summer and have kept their foot on the gas ever since. It’s like listening to a radio version of Facebook or Twitter, where the show you’ve decided to listen to is overlaid with periodic “the program you’re listening to contains misinformation” warnings. So I’ve pretty much changed the channel (IP address).

    • Fred Stiening says:

      The CDC has gotten very aggressive in funding ads on radio, especially radio stations that are not targeting white people.

      As long as Louis Farrakhan is telling black people that the government run by Joe Biden wants to kill them using vaccines, they are not going to make much progress. Religious leaders are being paid to try to get people into the abortion clinics, whoops I meant vaccination centers.

  6. Fred Stiening says:

    If it were up to me, I would like to see Chris Plante fill the void. The more I see of Bongino, the less I like of him. Conservatives need to appeal to the swing voters. “Democrats bad” is not enough

  7. Fred Stiening says:

    We have a new candidate in the running, at least in the Northeast US

    Grace Curley was the producer for Howie Carr (pronounced How-ee Caw, if you pawk yaw caw in haavaad yawd)


    Howie Carr is doing what Rush Limbaugh failed to do. Howie Carr is bigger than life in conservatives circles in New England, but he knows he is not going to live forever. He is leveraging his popularity by creating an actual Network, unlike the “EIB network” which was just a branding slogan of Rush’s show

  8. Fred Stiening says:

    Maybe it’s just acting up, but I think I may have been banned from the Infowars comment section 😋

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