Friday nights are for high school football

From now until winter, most small market stations carry high school football. Unlike college and pro football, most high schools want publicity and don’t block streaming of their games, making it pretty obvious what is going on.

There is no point in reporting or trying to correct schedules because of high school football. If you enjoy testing, Friday nights is not when to do it

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  1. There are some surprisingly good high school football announcers out there. Seems to me that the audio quality of these broadcasts has decreased over the years. Some stations even mention that their broadcasts are sent back to the station via cell phones.

    • Art Stone says:

      That would be absolutely correct. In the good old days, a radio station would have a dedicated phone circuit to the press box. On game night, they put the remote gear into the circuit. It’s a non-switched circuit – the only place it “calls” is the radio station. It might even be an ISDN line if it was in the late 1990s – ISDN gives full frequency range and allows a conversation between the studio and the sporting event.

      Typically a portable phone might have been used as a backup if the phone was dead… But today with cell phones, it’s tempting to just use that.

  2. Piquerist says:

    Sports on radio is why God invented World of Warcraft. The jockocracy gives me time to level up my sneaking, lying, backstabbing rogue (naturally, he’s a lib). For the Horde, of course!

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