Who is Grady Yarbrough?

He is the runner up in the Democratic primary in Texas for US Senate.  Like Alvin Greene in South Carolina two years ago, he is a complete unknown that was on nobody’s radar.  He spent no money on media and didn’t even have a campaign web site, no facebook account, no Twitter feed, no support from the Democratic establishment.

He is NOT this Christian counselor who lives in San Antonio


He is this man:


About 125,000 people voted for him.

Did anyone mention he’s black?

The only endorsement he got was from a weekly newspaper in Austin


He did respond to one request for his background and views:


He has Master’s degree in Education and has been in Education for 50 years.   He wants to tighten the border, but also supports the DREAM act.   His solution to the employment situation is to get manufacturers to return to the US by getting the US Labor department to pay companies 1/2 of the minimum wage for manufacturing workers.   He wants to increase the use of wind power and solar energy to wean us off of foreign oil.  [Hello, almost no oil is used to generate electricity]

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3 Responses to Who is Grady Yarbrough?

  1. JayMar says:

    I don’t deny that some day in the future we might have to abandon fossil fuels in favor of better sources, but that time is not here yet. By all means continue research, but in the meantime drill, drill, drill.

  2. Parrott says:

    Green energy is a farce. The technology is not here to make solar and wind viable replacement options. Just like battery technology is not here yet for viable useful cars.
    Like Art says, Oil is not used or very little in electricity generation. Coal and Natural gas is used along with Nuclear to generate electricity. Natural gas is very clean to burn.
    As a conservationist, I see wind energy as blight on the land. windmills are not that pretty to look at, the infrastructure needed to support just one windmill is massive to build.
    Windmills are not very reliable and they kill thousands of birds per year. Supposedly the windmills give off a low frequency hum that drive people nuts.
    Environmental whacko’s should see through the smoke and mirrors hype, and see the how windmills destroy more than we gain from them.

    • Art Stone says:

      Up in portions of the mountains in western North Carolina, you’ll find enclaves of profoundly progressive people. One of my cousins (about 20 years older than me) back then was running a hang gliding school.

      One of the really early pioneers in wind power (other than say the windmills in Holland) was built near Boone on top of a mountain in the 1970s. After the thing was built, it was uniformly condemned – the 24 hour a day Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh could be heard for many miles in the “wilderness”… it disrupted TV reception (before cable TV) and was visual blight to what is a tourist area.

      The thing was dismantled in 1983


      I don’t know if this became law or not, but the folks at Algore’s Current TV were fuming back in 2009 when the NC Senate voted 42 to 1 to ban wind turbines on mountain tops.


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