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  1. fhiggins says:

    Hi F___ er, Art,

    When did you pull the plug on firefox for the main site? Is okay for the blog, though?


  2. janderson021 says:

    There is a mystery AM station broadcasting here in Omaha.
    Just oldies, AM radio like I was listening to riding around in my car when I was 16 and there was no FM radio around.

  3. Parrott says:

    Hey Art : do you have a canned query that can sort by non-‘I heart radio’ Stations ?

  4. polokfla says:

    Mr Art,
    Dana Loesch has a great show on in St Louis. She is attractive, intelligent, passionate, and funny. What would you say are the odds that she will soon try branching out and get syndicated or maybe go satellite? Or is that not a big deal to these talkers.

    ps. appreciate your site a lot. Thank you!

    • Art Stone says:

      Attractive is not a requirement to be on the radio. There are few successful female syndicated talk hosts for whatever reason. If the show starts before noon Eastern, you’ll have trouble getting on stations on the West Coast. It’s not easy to get a national show

  5. craigg4c says:

    Words with one F — lots more than 10, just about all from Latin or Old French.

    defend and derivatives (defense etc.)
    refrigerate and derivatives
    refreeze, unfreeze etc
    defect, defective etc
    etc. — Why is this the only poll that doesn’t allow “suggest an answer”?

    As to English words coming from Anglo-Saxon roots, there was a phonetic rule in the dominant dialect in England that “f” became “v” between voiced phonemes — calf, calves, calving etc. — which is why the monks and the Normans provide the examples.

  6. JayMar says:

    I’ve noticed that the local WPGB 104.7 (Pittsburgh) is announcing itself as an iHeart Radio. Does that mean that it was purchased by iheart? I mean, iheart started just a few years ago and I never thought they would have the capital to buy a radio sta. Just curious. Thanks.

    • Art Stone says:

      iHeart Radio is run by Clear Channel, which also owns the station.

      Bob Pittman (formerly of MTV, Century 21, AOL) has decided to reimage Clear Channel around the iHeart Radio brand, moving away from local terrestrial radio to a group of national programming platforms. Quinn and Rose are going to have some difficulty when their contract is up for renewal.

      Pittmas was programming radio stations in his 20s in major markets, eventually winding up at WNBC-AM… a pretty good job for a guy in his 20s. He knows a lot about radio – at least radio from the 1960s….

  7. Parrott says:

    Hey Art: On the main talk page it use to have a small area where is said what the topic was for the host. now its just name of host

    did you mean for it to go away? I kinda liked that information at the top of a host group.
    Just thought i would mention it.
    have a good one

    • Art Stone says:

      Make sure you’re still logged in and Optin Tracking is ON.

      Also make sure you have “Full Details” checked and are not using the compact format.

      It would help to have a screen show of what you’re seeing if it is still not working as expected.

  8. fhiggins says:

    How can someone initiate a topic?

    • Art Stone says:

      That’s generally the intent of the open threads. This is my blog, not an open ended forum for everyone talking about anything someone wants to talk about. What did you have in mind?

  9. Paul-3 says:

    In the radioguide preference, what does ‘Optin Tracking is off’?

    • Art Stone says:

      If it is off, the web site doesn’t track which stations you listen to – with it off, you can “save” copies of pages that should continue to work when/if the site goes away for good. Turning off tracking also turns off the benefits of tracking, like sorting by popularity.

  10. kicaza says:

    Oh! Just found this thread and realized I posted my question in the wrong place. I’m looking for the grid view by genre which shows how “popular” the various shows were. Is that still out there somewhere? I used that to find shows I don’t usually listen to and found it very useful!

    Thanks again for the resurrection. SRG has been my “co-worker” for a few years now (I work from home) and I was going to miss it sorely!

    • Art Stone says:

      You ask a great question because that’s a recent change and the explanation is buried now in the old blog.

      To sort by popularity, you need to turn on optin tracking. Click on Preferences to turn it on.

      • kicaza says:

        You have just made my day. Feels like “home” again. Thank you! I tried testing a link earlier but am not sure I did the right thing. Do you have instructions for those of us who really want to help keep this going?

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