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  1. HPaws says:

    Off Topic:

    This is the most fascinating scientific clip I have seen in some time.

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:


    What would be the product recommendation for listeners who look for but are unsuccessful at finding a clitorus?


    PS- I personally checked and could not find one. 😉

  3. Ed Gein says:

    It’s not the size that counts, it’s how many you have.

  4. Parrott says:

    Hey I think they Genetically modified Marigolds. We use to have some re-seed themselves every year and they would come up like weeds.
    We had a bunch bought at Lowes last year and the seeds are still hanging on them, from last year, the Sparrows won’t eat them, and ones that have fell off have not sprouted like normal.
    Somethings up.

  5. Ed Gein says:

    Wasabi is hot, but not very flavorful.

  6. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Open line Friday starts early here? Are you Syrias (sic)?

    ““They say there are some pro-Western people and we’re going to vet them. Well, apparently we’ve got a senator over there who got his picture taken with some kidnappers, so I don’t know how good a job we’re going to do vetting those who are going to get the arms,” Mr. Paul added, to laughter and applause. ”


  7. HPaws says:

    Collapsing a bubble with sound waves and larger implications…..

    Sorry about my mistake.

    Gotta get back to figuring out for-sale-by-owner (commercial) vs realtor.

  8. fhiggins says:

    Since the election, I have turned off political talk. I like Clyde Lewis, The conspiracy show with Richard Syrett, Alan Park (conspiracy queries), Alan Watt ( his accent is annoying), Alex Jones (in measured doses), Liberty conspiracy(too much acid rock), John B Wells. What the hell is wrong with me?

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      Attention Mr. Stone : We have the option for more talk categories. Rather than just separate out the progressive talk, we could also separate out:

      1.) Conspiracy (general)
      2.) annoying foreigners
      3.) Liberty conspiracy
      4.) Time travel

      • Art Stone says:

        We’ve been down this path before – she is complaining about station formats, not programming formats. GCN would qualify as an all conpspiracy station, but alas it isn’t a radio station. The FCC won’t allow it.

        • CC1s121LrBGT says:

          I have confused myself by this before… and only now after reading your comment above and doing some research did I discover this really cool page:

          I’ve used the site daily since 2006 or so and don’t recall seeing this page before. I tended to stay in my favorite area and not stray as much as I will now with this page.

          • Art Stone says:

            Gee whiz – 175 progressive shows and 202 conservative

            My bias is showing!

            More than that is the fact that I do a bad job of filtering out dead shows 🙂

          • CC1s121LrBGT says:

            You know a couple hours ago, I clicked on most of the rows with a double digit quantity of shows and found no shows on when I had checked. I came back now and found the same.

            I know that you have plenty of projects, but since this is an off topic thread, I thought I’d suggest that the page would be more useful if the quantities were for shows currently streaming, or at least return a list of shows so that the user can select a show and then find out when it streams.

            In past lives, I’ve written requirements documents for software, so I know how to drive programmers crazy. 😉

        • Art Stone says:

          As you pointed out, nobody uses those pages, and it is largely by design. One of my most important visitors is not a human – one that mindlessly follows every link …

  9. Nidster says:

    File this off-topic post under:

    This is NOT a joke or a TEST: the government is coming to get you.

    USA to legalize rootkits, spyware, ransomware and Trojans:

    “Just a few days ago the “Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property” released their 84-page report. Amidst a large amount of rather naive ideas there is one idea that strikes us as particularly insane: The report proposes the use of malware to determine whether or not you are pirating intellectual property and if you are, to lock your computer and holds all your files hostage until you call the police and confess to your crime.”

    “We (Emisoft) have therefore never adhered to requests by law enforcement agencies to whitelist their malware in the past and we don’t plan to do so in the future.”

    There is a link to the 84 page report in the article.

    • Art Stone says:

      It would take a lot of trust to follow a link to a company that is an expert on root kit technology.

      So who is on this Committee?

      • Art Stone says:

        The group who created the report is co-chaired by failed Republican candidate Jon Huntsman of Utah. I hear there are a lot of data centers popping up in Utah.

        The think tank is funded by this group

        Which was founded by Henry “Scoop” Jackson with funding from Boeing

        To my eye, it is a group very closely affiliated with the US Intelligence Community.

        Here is the final and probably most significant item, especially if you’re Boeing:

        “Greatly expand the number of green cards available to foreign students who earn science, technology, engineering, and mathematics degrees in American universities and who have a job offer in their field upon graduation.”

        Here is this think tank’s general suggestion:

        “Support American companies and technology that can both identify and recover IP stolen through cyber means. Without damaging the intruder’s own network, companies that experience cyber theft ought to be able to retrieve their electronic files or prevent the exploitation of their stolen information.”. (IP = Intellectual property)

        This comes on the eve of President Obama’s plan to reform patent law – I would expect he wants to drastically reduce the use of patents – I believe it was Australia that just outlawed software patents, something I fully agree with, despite (or maybe because) I’m coinventor on 3 software patents held by NASDAQ.

        This is interesting timing given Samsung just won an injunction that Apple had infringed on its patents. Don’t start a war you can’t afford to lose

        • Art Stone says:

          Here is the more detailed proposal:

          “Support efforts by American private entities both to identify and to recover or render inoperable intellectual property stolen through cyber means.
          Some information or data developed by companies must remain exposed to the Internet and thus may not be physically isolated from it. In these cases, protection must be undertaken for the files themselves and not just the network, which always has the ability to be compromised. Companies should consider marking their electronic files through techniques such as “meta-tagging,” “beaconing,” and “watermarking.” Such tools allow for awareness of whether protected information has left an authorized network and can potentially identify the location of files in the event that they are stolen.
          Additionally, software can be written that will allow only authorized users to open files containing valuable information. If an unauthorized person accesses the information, a range of actions might then occur. For example, the file could be rendered inaccessible and the unauthorized user’s computer could be locked down, with instructions on how to contact law enforcement to get the password needed to unlock the account. Such measures do not violate existing laws on the use of the Internet, yet they serve to blunt attacks and stabilize a cyber incident to provide both time and evidence for law enforcement to become involved.”

      • Art Stone says:

        For some more context, is located in Austria

        They are a fairly new entry into the anti virus software business, which I’m not fond of – people who create viruses and people who charge to prevent them are a symbiotic racket, often employing people who have created them in the past and assert they are now the good guys.

        Their main claim is they have never honored a law enforcement request to whitelist government spyware. Where is the specifics of requests they have received and refused? Total straw man promotion without specifics. Have they scared you yet?

        • Nidster says:

          Have you ever clicked on an unsuspecting link that took TOTAL control of your system? Would that scare you?

          • Art Stone says:

            Back in the early days of the Internet, maybe it was AOL – Penn & Teller had a thing online that purported if you clicked on it, it would delete the files on your computer. The deeper you got into it, the more they tried to scare you it was real and was actually going to reformat your disk drive. Eventually when ou reached the end, it just pretended to break and go no further

            My friend did manage to pick up a root kit that was lurking in a device driver. My personal worst case was a think that what is mentioned as extortion ware – what it did was go through the disk making every file hidden – but I run explorer with show hidden and system files on, so all that happened was the files changed color and I had to change them back to non hidden

          • Nidster says:

            Sounds suspiciously similar to some Ransome Ware that took over my system a couple of months ago. It pretended to scan my computer for Malware, Trojans and other nonsense. Long story short, I could open Explorer and see the file that had been downloaded but nothing else. Nothing would work unless I agreed to spend $59.95 on a program that promised to eliminate the ‘junk’ it identified in the Scan. I could not browse, open any other software or even delete anything.

            After thinking on it for a bit, I unplugged the power and chose a good Restore Point on startup. That worked and the downloaded file could be deleted.

  10. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    New topic: “Brent Spiner — a.k.a Data from Star Trek — tries Google Glass ”
    fun for any ST: TNG fans

    • Art Stone says:

      Wow, when did he get old? Good thing that hasn’t happened to me!

      So because of this, I stumbled onto Star Trek Continues – being TV less, I admit I have no idea if this is new or old news – is this the best we can do – remake cheesy low budget TV series that died after a few years due to no ratings? I was waiting any second for SNL to start tearing down the set and taking Spock’s ears off

  11. Nidster says:

    Wonder how many folks are up-to-speed on a few technicalities in the wonderful Immigration Bill winding its way through the deep, deep recesses of the nation’s sewer, aka Congress?

    Lo and behold there is this wonderful legislation that provides otherwise good people who illegally entered America a pathway to citizenship. This great and glorious undertaking by the kind and gentle people of America has some providential provisions for them.

    Of course those illegally in the country will have to jump through a few hoops ‘n hurdles along the way. And, their future employers will not be made to provide those otherwise good people who illegally entered America any health care BENEFIT, such as employers will be required to do under ObamaCare for legal American citizens, or face the consequences by paying a fine, aka a ‘tax’ (see Justice Robert’s decision).

    Oh yes, employers are being asked to pay a fine, or tax if you will, if they do not provide ObamaCare for American citizens, but as an act of goodwill towards those otherwise good people who illegally entered America and who are being provided with a pathway to citizenship, Congress will exempt poor employers from any burden of paying their health care, and of course no fine, or tax if you will.

    Oh, Lord!!! how blessed are we to have such wise and wonderful Senators and
    CongressPeople to do the right thing for those otherwise good people who illegally entered America, and to not burden poor employers with onerous regulations?

  12. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Paging Mayor Mike – Perhaps you should consider banning possession of them in NYC:

  13. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Video is worth 55 mins of your time if you are interested in coming financial crisis in Japan and its ramifications.

  14. HPaws says:

    Off Topic: I have deleted the I Heart Radio app from my Kindle Fire…. tired of seeing a girl in her underpants jumping around with a Pepsi in her hand. I’ve noticed at several radio station web sites that they are maintaining 2 streaming options. WABC 770 AM is one. Do they have to pay per click for the iHeart service?

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      HPaws – I don’t have a Kindle Fire but believe it accesses the Google Play for apps, correct? If so, search the Google Play and you will find several other apps for streaming radio that have high user ratings. Most of them should have WABC and others.

    • Art Stone says:

      WABC is a cumulus station, iHeart is run by their competitor Clear Channel – the deal has something to do with Clear Channel promoting Cumulus’s Sweet Jack

      So this means you don’t like Pepsi?

  15. Nidster says:

    Recent poll finds 44 percent of registered Republicans believe an armed rebellion could come in the next few years. Only 18 percent of low info folks, i.e., Democrats and 27 percent of independents have a clue to what SHTF means.

    • Art Stone says:

      I went to the web site looking for the actual questions they asked and found nothing more than the press release. They clearly entered the study wanting a conclusion to back a conclusion that Americans want more gun control laws. I specifically was hoping to find if those Republicans thought they would be the ones pointing guns at the government or that it would be the Occupy / Anarchists people. The terms Rebellion and Revolution are used interchangeably in the press release when the words have significantly different meanings

      • Nidster says:

        More ‘made-up’ news? Need the questions to understand if the result were skewed to a desired conclusion.

        “The Fairleigh Dickinson University poll of 863 registered voters was conducted nationally by telephone with both landline and cell phones from April 22 through April 28, 2013, and has a margin of error of +/-3.4 percentage points.”

        April 22nd? A fairly recent poll that included cell phones. There is another link at the bottom of the above PDF link.

        • Art Stone says:

          Thanks – the most curious thing is that on the revolution question there wasn’t a gender difference, but a huge difference on college. People with good jobs and incomes are just fine with the status quo, most of them directly or indirectly dependent on government.

          Try this question instead: would you favor a revolution to protect our liberties if it resulted in the end of SIPC insurance and loss of your savings, and no more Social Security checks and Medicare?

          You don’t want liberty and you can’t handle the truth.

          (by “you”, I don’t mean nidster)

          • Nidster says:

            No problem, Art. The reason why there will always be an Education Gap is because highly educated people have a lower amount of common sense. They have had it educated out of them.

            Yes, people who are formerly educated typically receive instructions from people who hold liberal, elitist viewpoints. Hence, students are taught a knowledge base their instructors believe is important. IMO, their instructors have a strongly held religious belief, Secular Humanism. They typically hold people of faith, especially faith in “God”, in very low esteem.

            People who are highly educated often have more wealth and/or they hold a high position within society, or the ‘system’, and they do not want their life disrupted. Hence, they are more willing to sacrifice some of their liberties and freedom in order to perpetuate their wealth and/or position.

          • CC1s121LrBGT says:

            Re Nidster, I’ll comment on his comment to your comment, but put it here because there is no “Reply” option under his comment. lol

            Regarding those that are wealthy and poor with respect to whether they support a revolution, I ask you to consider that as an aspect of the 1776 American Revolution that makes it special – those sparking the revolution were the most highly educated and wealthy rather than the poor.

          • Nidster says:

            Sure, CC. One caveat or ‘word-to-the-wise’, those who actually sparked the revolution, who were the real activists, were the common men. One of their favorite slogans was: “Common people must be free from all ‘Foreign or Domestic Oligarchy.’ The “Domestic Oligarchy” had to get out in front of the movement in order to ‘steer’ it, which they did. Battles were won, the Brits went home, but the war was not over.

            I’m no scholar on the issue. You could search, The Shays Rebellion. There is some unfinished business to deal with, just sayin’.

          • CC1s121LrBGT says:

            Nidster – Not Shay’s here, but look at the polling differences between the men and women

            …. then more importantly look at the differences between the citizens and the incumbents that have set up a rigged system with a 97% re-election rate.


      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        The first thing I look for when investigating a poll like this is who is paying for it. Money always comes from someone with an objective.

  16. Nidster says:

    Salads are Killing people

    “Recently, 400 people became ill in 16 States. Two of the State Health Departments were willing to identify “pre-packaged salads” as the source of the outbreak. It would seem to make sense that the consuming public be informed as to which salad packages were infected. But no that would only be true if the Government were actually concerned about the health of its people. It would not be true if the Government’s highest priority were the profit margins of the AgriBusiness Corporations hawking the salad products. The States beg off stating that they cannot reveal the brand names because the respective States have laws against disclosing which Corporations are killing off people.”

    On November 30, 2010, the Senate passed S. 510 (111th): FDA Food Safety Modernization Act was supposed to protect us. That’s what CONgress told us when it was passed.

    “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”
    ~Thomas Jefferson, 1781

  17. Nidster says:

    No Functional Democracy

    Finally, I agree with something Jimmy Carter said. “On Tuesday, July 16, 2013 in Atlanta, former President Jimmy Carter called the Edward Snowden NSA leak “beneficial to the nation”. Der Spiegel reported that Carter – speaking at an Atlantic Bridge meeting – said the US has “no functional democracy at this moment”. Earlier on CNN Carter said, “the invasion of human rights and American privacy has gone too far”.

    First reported by der Speigel, but here is another link:

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      Say what you will, but I think Jimmy was one of our few Presidents that intended to do the right thing and was probably the most honest President in my lifetime. I think he made a lot of mistakes, but I think they were just that – mistakes rather than intentionally dishonest or illegal acts.

      • Nidster says:

        Yeah, would not disagree in the sense that he acted honestly, but also naively since he was ill-prepared to handle the “System”.

        The presstitutes made a big fuss about Chief of Staff, Hamilton Jordan by claiming he ‘spit or spilled’ his drink down the bosom of some women (forget all the details but it was a made-up fantasy) and the FemiNazi’s got their panties in a wad over it. They attacked his Budget Director and of course Bert Lance, the good-ole-boy-lawyer and ran those folks out-of-town. Then of course his VP was Mondull.

        Safe to say the cards were ‘stacked’ against him. It’s like Rush always says, if the presstitutes make you, they can break you.

  18. Nidster says:

    “Obama, let’s stop pretending he is a Democrat. He is not, he is a poseur, he is a hustler.”

    Some Democrats have finally come to the conclusion that Obama is a fake. Rush nailed it from the start, especially by employing the Teleprompter as the ‘person’ routine early on in Obama’s presidency. It was designed to keep Obama from Flucking-up and saying something wrong and thereby giving away the Pretense. Obama is a poseur, an old French term for a poser, a person who attempts to impress others by assuming or affecting a manner, degree of elegance, sentiment, etc., to hide his true beliefs.

    Read: Barack “Herbert Hoover” Obama’s Latest Gambit

  19. HPaws says:

    I took a look at the Siris/XM web site. I was willing to maybe buy a year because of the Art Bell show. I want information when I go to a web site, how many dollars, how many conditions, how may ways have you discovered not to be responsible for your own company and so on. The Siris web site is sub par. Jack Webb: the facts, m’am, just the facts. Don’t make it difficult for me to give you my money, get it?

    • Art Stone says:

      I tried the Sirius “streaming only” plan for a few months. I found it extremely annoying – I liked the content for the most part. The annoying part is they want to avoid having people share an account – the result is every hour or so, it puts up a challenge and forces you to log in again. If you have more than one device, like a PC and a cell phone, it complains when you switch devices.

      Because of the XM/Clear Channel deal (which is ending), the CC channels were only on the XM Internet stream, but you can’t order an XM Internet stream unless you have an XM device. The only Internet-only stream was for Sirius, but there were also channels (some from XM) that were on the stream but not available to Sirius customers. It s very confusing and some of the information is just plain wrong.

      They’re still trapped by the legacy of merging two incompatible delivery systems using costly incompatible satellites. The reality is in most places, people are hearing via ground based repeaters. Ultimately IP streaming via 4G will probably replace Sirius/XM, but not for at least 10 years

  20. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Off topic but also stunning. Where to you think society will find itself after 200+ years of thinking its representatives’ job was to make laws each year so more and more things would become illegal? The term “lawmaker” should be banned from the government school system.

    Let’s go Charlotte!

    • Art Stone says:

      In some comments in another news story, the “what should be illegal” among the young has started to morph beyond “I find that offensive” to “well, I would never do that, so it should be illegal”

      The news story is about a legal fight in Madison Wisconsin, of all places (Moscow West). A business is trying to open that sells Snuggling. You pay for an hour and you can snuggle with another human. The city department of pre-crime has filed suit to shut it down on the basis that it might cause sexual assaults and it might lead to prostitution away from the business location. The woman behind this says she has never met a man who wanted to snuggle and didn’t want to have sex.

  21. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    How about this- slightly off topic. I could never figure out why the Dems were against warrentless searches but in favor of requiring the everyone to turn over all their private health records to the government….

    This will be routine after Obamacare

    • Art Stone says:

      Did you read the lawsuit? It contains allegations but very little evidence.

      What if the guy from Greece was married and the source of the emails was his wife, not a government spy?

  22. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    How about this glasshole, part 1 of 2 – Ukraine gold being flown to the USA

  23. Nidster says:

    What country is sitting on the largest amount of proven oil reserves in the world, but where most of its citizens can’t even buy toilet paper?

  24. Nidster says:

    After Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Nigel Farage announced his favorite world leader is Vladimir Putin. The Independent ran a story and poll to see what their readers thought. The story posted on 31 March 2014 04:32 PM is no April Fool’s joke, and apparently neither are the results. Choices were Britian’s David Cameron 2%, POTUS al-Obama 4%, Germany’s Merkel 8%, and Putin at 82%.

  25. Nidster says:

    What a refreshing change that today’s Russia lacks the sort of ideology provided by Soviet Communism. The ideology of Communism, Soviet or otherwise, is that the ruling 0.1% dictate to the masses.

    Spiegel’s interview with German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, a confirmed western leaning politician, is an example that Germans, as well as the rest of the world, are sick and tired of the NSA spying on the world. Maizière is quoted as saying, “I find a country’s unrestrained collection of information, even for the sake of exaggerated security need, to be less objectionable than the capture of all movement profiles, thoughts and emotions by people for the sake of business interests.”

    Corporatocracy, Technocracy, Banksters is what guides America and its Establishment Media these days.

  26. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Voice of Shaggy in Scooby Doo and voice of America’s Top 40 is missing. Cue Coast to Coast AM 😉

  27. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    If this were an FM station in Norway, it would be Goodnight as well:

    A foreshadowing of Bob Pittman’s plans for Clear Channel and iHeart radio?

  28. Parrott says:

    Hey CC* is back ! How have you been? Missed you around here.

    I had a question about VLC a while back and you were not around , LOL
    anyhoo Have a good one !


    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      Thanks, Parrott. I missed you too. I was here reading but not posting. Art has an email address for me as I am sure he does for you. I am sure he would have forwarded an email had you requested. Lots of VLC answers to be found on google as well. How are you doing with it? Still need help?

  29. Parrott says:

    Man why are they wasting time on this cheap cheit ? I heard on ‘Coast to Coast’ yesterday on the CMFJ replay of the Thursday night show. Wow!
    They had a ‘Time traveler on, and the guy who wrote the book. This guy was in the Air Force and in a group or bunch that did official Time travel. The were serious as a tack.
    he said that he was at the assassination of Kennedy and it was triangulation. He wouldn’t say who won the next presidential election cause he didn’t want to stop people from turning out to vote.
    He had been back to 200BC. I would have went back to the Fourties and been a Engineer for the Union Pacific and asked to drive one of the ‘Big Boy’ Locomotives!
    He said Iran will nuke DC , Philadelphia and NYC and lay waste to that part of america, and wwIII starts 2018.
    So at this point I am thinking, is there anyone else listening ? did any of you all hear this on Coast to Coast? Noory was taking it in like it was the real thing.
    If you heard this do you all believe the Grey alien stuff ?
    my head was spinning. I had to get another beer.
    Tell me some you all heard this? My wife says I have been quiet today. I have been thing about all this, stuff. I need to put a new starter on my Jeep. or do I ?
    Maybe this guy just liked the TV show ‘Quantum Leap’ and hit his head?
    This was way more out there than the ‘Spaceman’ .
    Crazy town

  30. Parrott says:

    Happy Labor Day 2016 Everyone ! ( if you still have a job)
    A friend of mine is out in the mid-west taking pics of trains this Labor day and he sends me updates of where he is at and a pic every now and then . A lot less trains this year, and here is why. The article from Dailey Caller kinda explains it.

    “Obama Kept His Promise, 83,000 Coal Jobs Lost And 400 Mines Shuttered
    Andrew Follett

    [text of copyrighted article redacted]

    Coal union did it to themselves.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Duke Energy made an all cash offer to buy Piedmont natural gas. They see the handwriting on the wall. They initiated building a 48 inch natural gas pipeline from West Virginia to Eastern North Carolina

      By acquiring Piedmont, they will be the majority owner of the pipeline. Duke is also under pressure to “just do something!” about their coal ash ponds, and whatever they propose gets rejected. So they are quite receptive to converting coal plants to natural gas where that is feasible, and adding new gas turbine plants where natural gas is available. Fracking has freed up an amazing incredibly huge amount of natural gas, but the distribution system has to catch up. It’s simpler just to build the power plant on top of the wells and connect to the electric grid than to move huge quantities of gas long distances.

  31. Parrott says:

    Hey Fred: Did you see the news yesterday saying FoMoCo was going to start building its little cars in Mexico ? They had some Ford reps on CBS to try to and explain it away , but I didn’t get to watch it . Since you had worked in teh automotive industry, I wondered what you thought?
    Is it because of of epa CAFE standards for small cars and or they can’t ask 4oK for a escort or focus ?
    Just wondered if you saw any of that

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Saw the headline, didn’t read the story yet. Did work for GM, some work for Chrysler, interviewed at AMC / Jeep – Ford didn’t use the type of computer I had experience on. The notion of “domestic” car is about 25 years out of date. Ford makes cars all over the world. I doubt the CAFE standard is involved very much.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Okay, did more reading. It’s just a familiar theme – American buyers are very fickle based on gasoline prices. Now that gasoline is back to ~$2, people are buying huge vehicles again. Those vehicles have very big markups, so GM and Ford can afford to make them in older factories with UAW workers. As demand for small cars fall off, people are attracted by low price and thin margins. Even if the cars (like KIA) are made in the United States, they aren’t paying UAW wages. Ford is locked into a national contract – they can’t build a new non-union plant inside the United States. GM’s Saturn factory in Tennesseee and the joint venture in Fremont were attempts to find a middle ground.

      One of the things that drove ford nuts was their joint factory in Flat Rock Michigan. The same assembly line made Mazdas and Fords using the same components and made by the same workers. People despised the Fords and loved the Mazdas – willing to pay $8k more for the same car. One difference there is the dealer network. People have a lifetime of experience where the sales process tries to sneak in extras you didn’t agree to, repairs that turn out to be fraudulent or incompetent… people have long memories

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Thinking about it a little more, Obama imposing a tariff on Chinese steel in March may also have been a factor. Just import the Chinese steel to Mexico and export the finished car to the US

  32. Parrott says:

    Fred, watch out, Charlotte is burning, I-85 was somewhat blocked last evening. I would have liked to have seen that ! Idiots. protesting .
    Chaos is spreading. Soros is enjoying it.
    Stay safe

  33. Parrott says:

    Keep up the good work JerseyDevil on show topics ! were keeping it active ,
    have a good one

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Better you than me! The topics help keep things looking fresher.

      Just a FYI, I added a new show today based on a request. I caught only the last 15 minutes or so – it is on 3-5 PM on an AM station in Harvey Illinois, a really rough city south of South Chicago. It’s on an urban gospel station that without a doubt has no white listeners. Before streaming, nobody beyond a few miles of Harvey could hear it, and random white people hitting scan were unlikely to listen for more than a few seconds – so “black radio” generally speaks freely 😉

      So after I got it set up and started listening, they were talking to a woman running as a write in candidate for judge, which was hard to follow. But once she left, they started talking to callers about elections and stuff. They made it clear their contempt for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson selling them out like Judas (The host has religious sensibilities), but then it veered into black transgender men, and shemales and how they are pretending to be women to get jobs that would normally be filled by women. It went on and on talking about the shemales coming into the shoe store needing size 11 shoes, etc… so this reconfirmed my belief that religious blacks are not LGBTQ friendly, at least for their own community. It’s the kind of things a black person isn’t going to volunteer to a racially mixed audience. Republicans have no clue about this. Prop 8 (marriage is one man, one women) only passed because of support from black ministers rallying their communities.

      The show is called Butt Naked Truth on WBGX-AM if you get tired of Hannity. Since it is a gospel station, it is a bit harder to find. Do a show search on Butt ✅

    • Thanks Parrott, I enjoy your topics and diligence too! (And kudos to all who contribute.)

  34. Parrott says:

    Hey Fred: WGNC in Gastonia went to a ‘live’ remote ribbon cutting at the WOW grocery store. It sounded like old days when radio stations did remote broadcast. It was wild, the older gentleman kept saying that the produce was excellent and Fresh.
    they interviewed the store manager, he was obviously of latino decent. It was a flashback.
    Remote broadcast that are not at car dealers and have have dressed chicks is very rare,
    ( not that half dressed chicks are bad, as long as they don’t talk ). WGNC is different than a lot of radio stations, trying to hold on to the past.
    just thought you would want to know,

    • Fred Stiening says:

      One possible vision of the future is Clear Channel and Cumulus get devoured by their debt and radio stations revert to pre 1996. The only way that seems likely is if LPFM stations get a boost to 250 watts and are allowed to go commercial.

      Some people are hoping that Trump will end all the ownership restrictions, like the ban on foreign ownership and TV and newspaper owning radio stations (those not grandfathered). Radio people live in their own little universe.

      CBS has apparently floored the accelerator to complete the spinoff of CBS radio before January 20th

    • Fred Stiening says:

      By the way, since you mentioned it, I had to downgrade your Sean Hannity topic yesterday. WGNC holding a live remote might be interesting, but Sean Hannity was not talking about it.

      • Parrott says:

        Hey that’s cool Fred, I understand.
        I wish you could have heard it.

        I remember WJJJ over in Christainsburg Virginia back in the day sent sent one of their more popular DJ’s and morning guy Lewis ‘Rooster’ Kanode over to new grand opening of Epperly Pontiac. It was like 74- 75 talking about the new Bonnevilles and Trans AM .
        They had free hot dogs too! Me and my dad drove over there for lunch LOL
        have a good one

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Is denying food stamps to non-citizens on Trump’s agenda? Is that what farmers in Iowa want?

  35. Parrott says:

    Interesting, I heard advertisements for stores in Canada on CFMJ and they have black Friday sales too. Actually on Black Friday.
    But they have already have had their Thanksgiving ( I think)
    GTA = Greater Toronto Area GTO = Get tools out : )


  36. haiti222 says:

    It seems American companies and some multinationals are spreading Black Friday throughout the world.

    I got emails from and promoting Black Friday deals.

  37. Parrott says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Getting readt to watch the Westminster Dogshow on NBC.
    I am rooting for the Greyhound this year ( Like I always do) . But if teh Whippet wins that is good to!
    Have a good one !

  38. Parrott says:

    Oh Yeah Parrott’s favorite dog won ‘Top-Dog’ in the National dog Show in Philadelphia Thursday !
    ” Gia , a Greyhound won ‘Best in Show’ in the National Dog Show 2016 ! ”
    woohoo !
    Greyhounds are so nice. I had a retired racer and she was the best in show all the time.
    Best regards

  39. Fred Stiening says:

    Zsa Zsa Gabor is dead, darling

  40. Fred Stiening says:

    I hate when I realize I’m wearing a shirt inside out

  41. Fred Stiening says:

    23 incumbent Democrat Senators are up for reelection in 2018,_2018

  42. Fred Stiening says:

    The SRGuide poll transition is underway

  43. Fred Stiening says:

    Comments now sort with most recent first

    Feel free to fill it up with random observations and news

  44. Fred Stiening says:

    We are sneaking up on 13,000 streams if you like round numbers

  45. Fred Stiening says:

    Q-Line streetcar in Detroit breaks down being towed on its maiden three hour trip

  46. Fred Stiening says:

    From the totally random but it amuses me Department

    The Ponchtoula Strawberry Festival

  47. Fred Stiening says:

    Zoning board in Florida approves Alligator farm for up to 20,000 alligators

  48. Parrott says:

    L_O_L the WBZQ pic at the top of the page.
    You know they maybe more popular is they just played Merle Haggard all the time or Conway Twitty.

  49. Parrott says:

    On the polls front, I noticed that Howard Sprague is only 22 behind Floyd the Barber on votes for second place ‘top-gay’ in Mayberry.

    not that there is anything wrong with that,


  50. Parrott says:

    On the other hand, was it bad that I watched the funeral train today ? I like trains. President Bush liked trains. I guess he knows now if there are trains in heaven.
    I always check that poll of things in heaven, ‘Trains’ .
    The SD70 isn’t a bad looking locomotive. Granted its not a unique looking as a GP-30 or streamlined like a classic F7.
    I guess it grows on you since its been around for twenty five years in various flavors. They have built a lot of them. GM sold EMD ( the locomotive division) another mistake, but they didn’t want to put resources back into the product. They wanted the quick cash. Actually Caterpillar owns them now. GE is selling their Locomotive division as well just recently.
    There is a dumb-ass in my company that is short sighted as well. I guess there is a lot of that going around.
    Union Pacific is a class organization. A lot of railroads were run with military precision, back in the day. I guess that is why the funeral train went off without a hitch.
    The track /route today was originally Southern Pacific.

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